The Campaign feels like it has tremendous potential, but is held back by a number of issues. Some of these are:-

1. The urgency timer
While not a problem in and of itself, it needs to be more dynamic and change in order to reflect how the campaign is actually going instead of just acting like a timer by another name.

2. Transparency
A lot of the Campaign mechanics could stand to be explained better and have more information in how they affect the rest of the campaign.

On a related note; the various gains (resource, repair rate, etc.) from the various parts of a system could also stand to be better and more clearly shown in the Campaign map.

3. Battles
The points system is excellent for MP battles, but less so for the Campaign battles. Losing to points is very easy in systems which have defense platforms or stations. This becomes especially problematic when the subsequent retreat can cause entire fleets to be lost if there weren't enough retreat slots.

A solution to this would be to allow for draws in campaign battles, therefore allowing battles to continue over multiple turns. The player would have the option at the end of the campaign to retreat from the system (allowing them to repair in their own system but also allowing the enemy to reverse any gains) or stay there and keep fighting the next turn. Somewhat similar to the system in the Wargame series.

4. Choosing units to take into battle
This one is pretty egregious in that if the fleet strength is greater than what the player can deploy, they are forced to take a random assortment of ships instead of being allowed to choose what ships to take, which is quite frustrating since it prevents the player from planning based on their ships.

There should be a way for the player to decide what ships they want to bring into battle and the order in which the remaining ships are deployed as reinforcements.

  1. Minor Issues
    There are a number of misspellings in places along with inconsistencies between dialogue and text (can be easily solved by putting the skipped over text in brackets/parenthesis).