Game controls amazingly and love the presentation of it. There were just a couple small things that would have made the learning curve more forgiving, well one thing, and just a small tweak to UI button descriptions at that. Second thing is more of a wishlist item for me.

First the tweak: If you could put the hotkey button for the different attacks, abilities, movements etc on the mouse over descriptions that'd be fantastic. It's the easiest way for someone like myself to quickly memorize them; without the initial intro to them I have the hardest time memorizing them from the keybindings menu, even if I reassign them myself.

Second thing is in regards to grouping of ships. My favorite RTS games, (I no longer remember which it was or even if there were multiple, just that they made a mark on me), allowed for grouping of groups within groups. For example, if I have to different unit types, A and B, and were to make type A group 1 and type B group 2, I could make some of both types also into a 3rd group without losing the first two groupings. Being able to quickly take a couple predesignated unit types and order them mid battle without having to manually select them while also having the ability to order by unit type (or however the main two groups were organized) made a world of difference. Sadly, it seems like the majority of games these days don't let units belong to more than one group.

3rd thing just came to mind but I don't know if it's just cause I'm not familiar with the UI yet... When I had units in groups, it was hard to tell if they were assigned correctly, with the exception of the first unit in the group. That seemed to be the only one that had a number assigned to it on the bar on the left and besides the highlight on the units in game, nothing in the UI suggested that multiple ships were selected when I selected a group.

Thanks for making a great game like this, love the unique style so much and look forward to the release.