I am mostly an imperial player (Space Marines , Adeptus Mechanicus ,Imperial Navy), if not exclusively, and this is my first post.

I would appreciate if the devs,moderators or whomever is in charge of reading posts, aknowledges the existence of this post so i can know that i didnt wrote this in vain.


*The voices in this game sound weaker and less impacting than BFG1, it would be nice if the voices and soundtrack from the first game would be integrated in the second as well.

  • I believe this has been posted already but, regarding the battles i have to say that those capture points really take the fun out of the game, especially when its the only game mode that seems to appear. they are too many, especially for SM, and make no sense and take away the immersion. in my opinion they should be removed completely from the game and make cruiser clash from BFG1 the standard mode.

  • Regarding the Drukhari: maybe decrease their weapons range or make them vulnerable to lightning strikes. something to ease our suffering.

  • AdMech: i am bothered that their troops deal similar damage as the imperial navy, even though they have access to skitarii that probably have better gear than average armsmen of the imperial navy and, if my knowledge isnt mistaken, can be hauled in larger numbers. their boarding actions could get a little more punch.

  • Assault actions: they should also deal damage to hull points instead of just reducing troops of an enemy vessel. and if they do damage to hull i can barely notice it and therefore it think it could use a buff in that matter.

  • Fleet capacity/points: this one really disappoints me, during the first beta, the game could use more fleet capacity for more ships, something like 700 points for 2vs2 and 1400 for 1vs1, but now i think that 750 for 2vs2 and 1500 for 1vs1 would be more fun with the possibility of making skirmish against the AI, custom matches, private matches or something alike to allow even more fleet capacity. after all, bigger battles where one of the main selling points for this game.

  • Automatic orders: this is something i felt lacking compared to the first game, i saw a lot of gameplay videos where players would leave a lot of orders and abilities for the AI to control, avoiding excessive micro managment, which in my case would be really useful when it comes to torpedoes. i would rather have the AI handle it than divert my attention from other ships while i wait the torpedoer to get a proper shooting position, and add a ranging limit just for the torpedos.

  • Amount of uses of certain abilities: what im trying to get to here is that the amount of boarding actions, squadrons deployment, torpedoes and so on could vary from faction to faction to help balance them. For example, the AdMech could do the same damage as imperial navy vessel but they would have more assault actions because their skitarii can be stored in shelves unlike armsmen who need crew quarters and "proper feeding".
    Other idea, but i am deviating from this topic a little, is necrons having cumulative damage upon boarding the same ship, because, lets say, they revive the ones they already sent there to help the new arrivals

  • Formations: this could be really usefull especially given the size of some fleets. currently the only formation i can do is a line which, although i have been quite successful with it, can be quite risky and slow. the way ships currently follow a ship that is already being followed by another makes it quite annoying if this isnt what you wanted, instead it should stay side by side to the other following ship, and not behind it. and if you wanted to form a line you should just need to
    i already have an suggestion on how that might be improved.


  • Formations:
    Method: Having a selected ship and holding down the right mouse button after clicking it on the ship that you want to follow makes you create an adjustable line from where the ship should follow its target, just like when your are giving a move order on your vessel where the order line and the arrow show up pointing the ships direction. (the player should know that slower vessels wont do much good by following faster ones)
    Example: "0" is a ship and "\ , /, | ,- " order lines

                       following vessel 0\     /0 following vessel
                                          \   /
                   following vessel 0------ 0 lead vessel
                                          / |
                                         /  |
                       following vessel 0   |
                                            0 following vessel

this would be an example of 4 vessels following the same ship at the same speed (as long as the lead ship is slower than its followers) and at the distance set by the player

  • Battle mode suggestion:
    Planetary Assault: based on the first BFG. both teams would support a ground battle happening on a planet by providing orbital strikes, assault actions, sending fighters, bombers or assault boats.
    Unlike the first game where if you didnt realized a set of orbital bombardments you would lose the match in this new mode there would be a score board with an estimate of the ground forces (just like with troops on ships, but bigger), both sides would start with a high number of forces which would gradually decrease over time. on the battle map the planet would be shown below with lines separating the enemy controlled territory and yours.
    During battle you would occasionally be prompted with areas where you could send troops by performing boarding actions or lightining strikes anywhere to drain more of the enemy forces or boost your own, with lightning strikes better used as offense and boarding action better at defense, but you would still be able to deploy them anywhere else but then they wouldnt be as effective as if they where deployed in the designated areas.
    Orbital strikes would follow the the same rules of effectiveness and only ships of the line can use them, with battleships doing some extra damage.
    Interceptors/fighter squadrons would be used in defense and can intercept the opponent players bombers, while bombers and similar would be used in the offense, assault boats and similar would work just as the other two assault actions.
    And as a possible suggestion, but im not sure about it: ships that can be scuttled can instead be sent to crash on the planets surface but they would also damage your own forces.

I was going to add more but i decided to not stretch this too much, after all it takes time to read all the posts in the forums.