Please read for my opinion

Hello my fellow players

I been reading several posts dealing with the issues with the game which is good to find bugs and such.
Then i read a from a few people ether craping on the game or talking about refund.......the 2nd beta is only 2 days old and the word beta i guess is not properly understood even when you start the game it stats (to sum it up) It is a unfinshed state of the game.
So things are missing we all have dealt with betas but realy attacking a very good game like this and a company is not needed. The game is well setup for the full release with all of the funtions that are intended for it yes patches will be there like other games so please stop with the whole refund and insults to the game and wait for the full release next week and if the issues are there then you can prperly report them because insults dont help.

I feel that i did not need to say this but some people dont understand what a beta build is.

Thank you for reading all

Thank you dev's for bringing back memories of my old time favorite game Star Wars Empire At War.

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@leoki212 Someone saying that they will refund the game if it launches with whatever issue is legit feed back maybe not the kind they want to hear but certainly the kind they should hear. weather or not something is insulting towards the game is contextual i.e. someone saying the necrons play like garbage is legit in saying so because currently they play like garbage, i mean seriously they are boring to play and that is supposed to be a third of the SP content.

Will be doing some more play throughs on necrons on story you have a vaild reasion necrons are weak and from reading your other posts you know what you are talking about. I was directing my statment in such a way to give the game a chance and too wait for full release and too see what happends. I have seen games go well in beta then fall apart in final release End of nations was going to work then company went to hell never got a refund wish i had that 100 bucks back. then there was Sim City 2014 well we know what happen. There are beta testers that find problems and look for salutions to the issue or gives feed back to improve the game that is what you are trying to do that i am glad. The players that attack the game and give no salutions to fix it and or ideas to improve the game are the problem. There is a long post about lore and other ships ideas that was cool to see been trying to find my book of the board game with the info to re read.

I thank you for reading and responding to my opinion

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No offense but this isent a real beta. Its more of an early product showing. Betas would give the developer plenty of time to read through the feedback and use the information given to adjust the game to make it balanced and a fun experience. Some fine tuning requires to be done over weeks rather then days.

Giving them a week of time before the game releases will mean they can do precious little with the feedback and balance and that the game that we have now will basicly will almost be the end product.

As it stands, people are finding huge balance issues with the game and arent confident that they can be adressed in time. I agree that they shouldnt resort to insulting and (essentially) throwing a hissy fit. But people get upset if a franchise/setting that they love is thrown down the toilet.

Normally I would agree with you @Leoki212 but this is more of an early start than an actual beta. There will certainly be a patch or two prior to launch but the way things stand now are reflective of the experience we will get with the "finished product" next week at launch. I like the game and have no issues with waiting for patches to fix some things, but people that are concerned about the state of the game with about a week until launch have every right to be.

They have already said the co-op campaign will be in "early access" at launch and they hope to iron out the issues by March but even I am a bit disheartened at the state of some other things.

A beta is actually something you run with a certain number of people and with a very specific selection of Hardware, so you get a Controlled!! Enviroiment to Figure things out. There Are things like open betas, which are free to every body to test you Servers and net Code under high pressure and if you want a pure Balance test you have a target audience of different skillsets, again Controlled! So you can use the produced numbers.

"Every body in, we give a Damn about knowing the rigs you use or the skill level/ mind Set you bring" is not a test for anything, because you have an entirely uncontrolled Set of Data which produces no usable information. Its a simpleway to Grab money from people not wanting to wait for Release. There is not even an Report Tool in the Client, you have to use the forum, and instead of handing guidelines for formating our Reports and a response about known problems there is the same silence as with BFG 1. Its simple as this: product Sold, cash earned, about 8-12 weeks of support coming in, deal done.

@androas last time i checked you are able to refund this game up to a week after launch so iono how well the product sold cash earned line goes but they have been more active on these forum then in the past i will give them that. they are releasing a statement as far as feedback they have receive thus far in this beta tomorrow. As for the reporting system on the bottom right of the menu screen in game it gives you a link to these forums presumable so you will give them feed back be kinda useless otherwise. As for what defines a beta and all your control group examples you forgot the biggest control group which is a focus group. getting a large sample of players feeling towards the product especially those more inclined to buy said product (pre order purchasers certainly fit that discription.) Im not going to sit there and say that they shouldnt have done this 2 months ago because they frankly should have and i dont see them having enough time to fix the many problems i see with it currently, but it is a beta none the less.

I read ya bro and I hear that you dont want this point capture rubbish. Hazar I say to that