Armor too high this patch?

Not sure if it's just me, but it seems that ships are a bit overly-tough this beta. Right now it seems like fights drag on way longer than I'd like them too, with my macro cannons kind of feeling like spit ball shooters.

In addition, a good T-bone ram seems to not be nearly as effective as it was before. Has anyone else felt this way?

@videojames They modified the ramming damage. Kinda feels like a let down. I really enjoyed it int he first beta. Felt more real when a 40km long ship tbones an eldar cruiser into 2 pieces.

the improved armor to make SM and Necs more relevant this could be having the impact your are seeing.

Yes, the armour is a much needed boost for Necrons since they don't have shields. Even so, one type of weapon makes that factor null. "Pierce-Armour: This weapon reduces its target's armour to 50." Idk who all has this, but the Tau have it and if they spam the 37 cost ship escort that has two of these guns, it's over for Necrons. I'm not sure what we should do to tweak the armour, but AP feels OP atm

@JD751 I also agree that ramming is seriously reduced. I was playing a match where Tyranids rammed me and I took barely any damage and one of them actually died despite having a decent amount of hp remaining. "Heh heh, ram into me all you like. You're just a space bug that I gotta scrape off my windshield." But this doesn't quite feel right either. Tyranids and Orks are highly melee races and seem almost useless in this current beta unless they sweep your ship clean of troops.

Yeah, just played the imperium campaign for a few hours. Most battles feel like a total slog as it takes forever for light cruisers to destroy each other.