geller fields are for in warpspace mot realspace, just like warpdrives arnt used after you exit the warp

start of imperial campaign
warp engines online! geller fields holding! says the voiceline as the ship has already exited the warp...
did nobody check that? what is that timing?
did you cut out a chunk of the cutscene just so you had more broken things a week before release?

@ashardalon ya should have probably said that right before they came out.

MOT* = not ?
did you cut a chunk of your title out?
jokes aside, I don't agree, you'd probably want to know if you geller fields and warp drives work at any given time when your going in and out of the warp, especially if you've been trapped their for a long time.

@pointdexter wouldnt you be doing a whole roster of systems checks if that were the case. i.e. stating that weapons, conventional propulsion and the like were also working. seems odd it would just be those two unless the statement was made as they were attempting to return to normal space.

yea its announced after they leave
warp drives powering down, conventional thrusters igniting in 10 9...
meanwhile person shouting over the other
geller fields powering down, rerouting power to void shields

if they did the current voiceline just before jumping it would make sense
after leaving, no