Problem with Resolution during campaign (Grafik/menues)

I Gave the imperial campaign a try. To test out how it impacts perfomance, i switched to the lowest possible settings in Menue. Lowest Resolution aswell.

This lead to a Situation where you need to build the fire Storm Frigat during the second turn of the imperial campaign. But you can not build it because under the two lowest resolutions the ships are outside the screen.

Given that you can not leave the build screen during the tutorial and that you can not call up the Options screen to change the Resolution you are forced to kill the games Task.

That was a problem for the first game allready which still presists till this day.

The question ist, why have low Resolution Options if your UI does Not scale with them?

And the background screen, during Main Menue and after battles, still is a incredible Ressource hog. Showing everything down on an notable level.

Correction the UI does Not scale into the 3 lowest possible resolutions.