"Entering restricted area is killing this game"

I really don't understand this, i have been killed more times due to entering an area i couldn't go into (then WHY have those areas????) and trying to get OUT of it, really don't understand why they would include this in a 2019 game???

As already suggested by other users in other threads. It would be very helpful and important to see on the map where those areas start/end.

Here my solution to prevent player from entering a restricted area:

  • Please update the map that allows all players to see the restrictive boundary so they can get an idea where the restricted area is located. They already show us the restricted area in Insurgency (2014) and Day of Infamy, now we need it implemented to Sandstorm.

  • When steam workshop is implemented. Please add the option to modify the map layout that would not only show all the restricted location, but inlcude "whatever" call in location the community could think of.
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Restricted areas are overly intrusive and only limit your playstyle. Please remove them in favor of spawn invulnerability or push them back so only places with LOS to the enemy spawn are restricted.

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Disagree on that.

Without out of action boundaries, people can get into very "advantageous" positions that can be considered unfair or broken. Those areas are usually identified in play testing and are usually refined over time to balance them out. Spawn protection is important but it should not be the "fix" for this. Its areas players should not be able to access until they captured or lost a point.

@mefirst In my opinion, anything that isn't behind or in the enemy spawn should be fair game. If there are overly advantageous positions between two teams' spawn points, that's an issue with the map layout and should be addressed accordingly.

Maps are usually layered and you cant just "delete" these positions from the map. Because while for one objective these positions or paths could be unfair, they could be completely valid for a next objective.

For example the red area here is "out of bounds" for the A objective, since it could allow way too effective flanking while also allowing easy denial for the enemy to get in or close to the objective area.
alt text

@mefirst Restricted areas directly to the side of the objective are one of the most cancerous applications of restricted areas in the game. You're literally forcing people to run straight at the point without the ability to take a more varied route. These forced bottlenecks are one of the reasons a lot of people don't bother trying to get on the objective and end up sniping.

Like everything in games, it needs to be balanced and applied with care. I guess it is also a bit of a question of where you stand in game design. There is a side that things that "everything must be open" or 110% freedom is like the holy grail of game design. I think this is not the case. There are often very good reasons why you do not want to allow one side routes that are too good.

From my limited experience in Sandstorm (about 40 hours) I have seen and done plenty of flanking. Not just from the sides, but you also often have very good opportunities to get behind the objectives. Some maps have intentional directional bottlenecks but this is where the attackers need to use their brains a bit and apply stuff like smoke. You often also have good options moving through buildings and use cover or concealment.

@dodger said in "Entering restricted area is killing this game":

I really don't understand this, i have been killed more times due to entering an area i couldn't go into (then WHY have those areas????) and trying to get OUT of it, really don't understand why they would include this in a 2019 game???

If you run into a restricted area you can just turn around. Also, you have a few seconds once in this area where you can fire if you make this mistake.

The forced engagement locations can be overcome with smoke like MeFirst said. They have to be placed properly. Smokes thrown short can be very damaging to your team. They want you to communicate, plan, and attempt to execute your plan. They give you commander support and smokes for a reason. If your team fails to utilize these tactics you will almost always fail to take the objective. I'm speaking of push since that is what I enjoy playing.

I remember the old insurgency mod for Halflife 2. There were no restricted areas, but there were these one way ramps that looked really out of place. It was fun to flank the US marines as an insurgent on sinjar as there were no restricted zones.

Restricted areas may have a function, but giving players maps that correlates or show restricted zones should be a given - Especially when a audio message gets screamed every time you touch the restricted zone that literally says the player is an idiot.

I prefer the system of rs2v, where the screen turns slightly red and a countdown till death starts without any shit talking from a ai sergeant telling you how stupid you supposedly are for actually wanting to flank the enemy and touch some arbitrary line.

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@mefirst but i mean,....why have them at all?

@cyoce why cant anyone see that that the great appeal to a game of this nature is an open-world "feel" to it, where they have more choices on how to approach every objective,.....this is so simple it makes no sense to me......lol

As said, I guess there its a question of game philosophy. But just check out how many multiplayer fps limit your movement on the map. They either do it by physically blocking access or with out of bound areas (usually they do both). You want to allow and also deny certain options on your maps. This is what makes maps balanced/fair and also what gives map character.

As a example you have some "lanes" on maps, very often on the right and left flank of the map. These areas are usually a good positions for Marksmen, Gunners and players that make their guns more mid/long range focussed.

I have to say while I can see the need to bottleneck and guide players at times, I think that this should be the task of the map design. Take the game mode skrimish for example: No map restrictions whatsoever. This enables you to do much wider flanking manuvers, but it also means that you need to prepare against the opponent's moves.

Why does this increase the diverstiy and quality of the game?
Right now I do think the defense is at a huge advantage. Most of the explosive support can't go through ceilings/walls and besides closing in with frags, there is nothing really to discourage the defenders from just camping inside.
With the map opened up, they would now need to spread thinner, watching their flanks or risk to get attacked in the back. This would also give offensive gunners a bigger purpose as in looking for a pisition to be able to cut off enemy reinforcements.

Defenders have an advantage. That is why they have more waves in game modes that are less open.

It's also clear what the stance of NWI is on out of bound areas:

Exploiting Design Issues
Our team has been working very hard to get Insurgency: Sandstorm to where it is today, and we are still developing improvements and new content for the future. That being said, we have seen some players exploiting bugs in design. Examples of this include:

Hiding in rocks/walls
Exploiting Out of Bounds areas
Glitching into unplayable areas
Spawn camping

If a player is exploiting these mechanics or does something that feels unfair (but they’re not necessarily using hacks), please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send it to support@newworldinteractive.com so that our team can recreate and address the issue.

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Nothing ruins immersion like a gun becoming suddenly disabled because an objective was taken. At least give us a chance to defend ourselves as we leave the restricted area.

I want them to add a warning prior to entering the out-of-bounds area, so you're aware you're about to be out of bounds, and for push have a visible timer and warning if the boundary is about to move up and you're in an area that would become out-of-bounds soon.

Rather than just whining that it's there, how about suggesting ways to make it obvious the area you're about to be in is going to be an area you're not supposed to be in?

@techsimmons your gun does not suddenly become unusable. When you run out of bounds you are immediately warned and your gun works for 4 or 5 seconds after this warning. Plenty of time to correct your mistake.

When they take an objective there is again a fair amount of time your gun still fires. A lot of people use this time to continue camping and grab a kill or two before falling back. If you hang around you will be given the warning that you are out of bounds and your gun will cease to function. You will have to sneak out after that.

Personally, I wish they would force the fall back after an objective is taken much quicker. Like a moving line similar to battle royale that forces you back to your zone.