Untrusted system file (c:\windows\system32\opengl32.dll)

Can't even start the new beta. Got this error with next-to-latest nvidia drivers. Also getting it with latest ones.

This anticheat is no good if it throws false positives like this.

I tried the bcdedit hack suggested to fix anticheat without success.

Sugest to check you anti virus settings or website for more info on this issue i have no probs and i have norton. If its one of the free be ones they are known for false positves like AVG.

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I am using the built-in windows 10 AV. The previous beta worked fine for me.

It's not my AV that's the problem - it's the games anti-cheat. It doesn't recognise up-to-date nvidia drivers.

Well hemm i am glad i have not updated the card see if you can roll back the driver
Refer to main thred of known issues they have a fix in mine

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I have the same bug.
I tried to repair the antycheat but it does not work

The only difference is that the link that the anty cheat marks me as bad is C: \ Windows \ System32 \ dwmapi.dll