Issues with the game

Kinda dissapointed so far
Shipbalance faction balance needs to get adjusted alot
Torpedoes and ramming for the love of the emperor make them hurt, a full salvo of torpedoes is like snuggling
Space stations and platforms are a more or less secure win in the domination missions cause they autocap and takes AGES to get rid off, again balance issue.
Everything moves sooooo slooooooooow
We can only have 2 specials on the admiral ship and nothing on the others? Why? First game we could kit and switch tons of stuff on the ship and tailor it to our style, it was awesome. Now... meh
Are we ONLY getting domination missions? Cause they are boring, insanely so. Escort? Data cap? Specific elimination? Eradication? No?

Its a stepback in most regards from the first game wich I wholeheartedly love. From what I've seen so far its sad that steam wont allow me to get my money back after 2 weeks, since I bought this on the day it came out on steam to begin with. There are more things I'd like to have changed aswell but I doubt it will since its way to close to release and so many issues.

Early Access/ beta steam will refund you. At least they should.