[Feedback] All planets should generate some amount of global resource.

Feels somewhat anti-climatic fighting a hard battle over a farm world or penal colony currently for their incredibly minor bonuses, even if it was some trivial amount it would go some way to make capturing them mean something!

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Agreed. the number of Credits generated overall is way too insignificant to allow complete enjoyment of the campaign. not only are you constantly strapped for cash, but when paired with the ticking clock element of the threat level, you don't nearly get enough time and money to really enjoy everything it has to offer.

I think it adds a interesting mech to the game the game is a beta build and more will be in the full game
Its a challenge that is well needed because majority of space games die or becoming boring due to the endless recource planets like sins of a solor empire
And who knows we might have a planet that becomes a super weapon upon a upgrade

Actually you can auto-battle for such planets.

if i remember correctly didnt he agri worlds tool tip say all worlds instead of worlds in the sector? they may not be so useless in the long run.

Some worlds add buffs and story to the game think star wars empire at war
Armour buffs galactic heal rate and such and beta build may have them disabled at this time

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I agree spent the later half of imperial campaign in red even though i owned 11 of 12 systems

@leoki212 but, every planet in Empire at War generates income, too,

While I totally agree there could well be more to come after the beta, I'm just saying as it stands at the moment there is very little benefit to doing anything other than just dotting around to every forge/hive world on the map, especially as you can just jump to any planet in range of your fleet.

Countless times I've seen an undefended farm world and thought even at rank 3 that bonus does not add up (3% upgrade reduction for 240+ resources means I'd have to upgrade 70+ times across multiple planets before it even pays for itself and it gives no passive bonus to income)

Tldr: anytime not capturing hive/forge worlds currently is wasted opportunity cost.

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The map is massive and often enough you won't be able to recruit ships due to reaching your fleet limit. At this time you will upgrade agri worlds. And over time the combined agri worlds bonus will reduce your upgrade costs for worlds massively. Though I would like them to have a sector bonus besides the segmentum bonus, as this would make them more important. Something like a bonus like the mining worlds provide, but only for hive worlds and probably higher. So if you lose an agri world, you will lose quite some production from your hive worlds in the same sector.

My proposed idea would be to scrap the upgrade reduction entirely but instead have a stacking 1/2/3% bonus to HiveWorld resource generation to simulate the agri world supporting the population of hive worlds with food and growth.

This way a single agri world doesn't take away the importance of hive worlds as by themselves they do nothing but they still provide a late game purpose after everything has been upgraded.

It also helps distinguish hive worlds as something other than worse forge worlds as the base resource production is lower but with a potential higher the more agri worlds you own.

@bould its not a bad solution but if those agri worlds upgrade cost reduction span outside of the system to the big map and all the worlds in all the other systems it would be one of the better upgrades you could make so ill hold judgement on it until after the full campaign launches is all im saying.


I get your point but I really dislike the fact it a) has a huge opportunity cost (reducing tier 1 upgrades by 1 or 1.5 global resource depending on which upgrade meaning you would need to upgrade 45! planets to pay that back) and b) once you've fully upgraded every planet its a useless bonus.

@bould seemed like their were 20 or so planets in the first sector so 3 systems later its all bonus maybe? plus they reduce their own costs so if you did the first 3 from cadia the next agri world would be 10 percent less to upgrade it self. not saying it necessarily the best option but i see where it could compound to being one of the best options. I think they were going for a situation where it would be a painful choice anyways its not like they expect or want you to be in a position to upgrade every planet.

But again you're using 690ish rp to save yourself 9/15 respectively on future upgrades. The payback is so low I could honsstly see myself ignoring the upgrades for those planets and accepting the default 1% as the best it gets.

By this point all your hive and forge planets + asteroids should be at level 3 anyway for max income which leaves penal, listening posts and agri colonies left to upgrade lessening the bonus even further.

I'm guess I'm just really against niche planets I may upgrade if I find myself swimming in GR because its the least bad option (which if the current content shows will be highly unlikely)

@bould if their are lets say 13 systems and the planet paid for itself by the third then its would theoretically quadruple it value by the the end of the game. I dont actually know how many systems their are supposed to be so its hard to quantify but im sure its more than ten.

Correction on comparing to star wars
I was refering to the buffs from the planets not resources