Replays and real 2v2 skirmish

It would be great if you guys could add a replay feature as this would greatly help the YouTube and competitive community create content that in short is going to advertise you’re game and help to create a stable player base.
Could you also make so 2v2 skirmish can work with 4 human players as currently, you can only do 2 humans vs 2 ai making it very hard for 4 friends to have some games together or for YouTubers to do 2v2 matches between each other as the only way to do this is merely hope to meet on ladder.
I believe adding these 2 features will greatly increase the longevity of the game and coverage by content creators.

Steam post:

Hey @Sn1percat

We appreciate the feedback, it will be forwarded to the team. 🙂

Thanks, it means a lot that you guys are listening I really think this game is gonna do well as from what I have played it's fantastic (still has a few issues but that's to be expected XD).

As a Youtuber myself I'm very, very keen to see replays added. It makes it far easier to play a bunch of games and then record the best. It also means that some of the best games played don't go to waste because you didn't bother to record that one time. Also if you're not focusing on commentary you're better able to put on a good show. It's just great all around and I'm sure a lot of other content creators would go nuts for it. Not to mention being able to record replays sent in from the community! Well, I guess I did just mention that but my point still stands 😛

Thanks for passing it on the devs!

+1 for the replay feature
During a battle, it is hard to find the time to just sit and watch huge ships fighting each other, except when the battle is at its end. With replay we could be the spectator of our own battle, zooming in and out as we see fit and taking awesome screenshots for us or the community.
Furthermore, replay is valuable in multiplayer when you want to check what mistakes you or your opponent did, or what killed your ship while you were looking elsewhere. Watching our replay really helps learning the game.

+1 for a replay feature. Being able to replay our matches would be fun and great way to improve as players. Not to mention enabling content creators to help build the community. Keep up the good work!

I'd love to see replays come in, and have something for 4 players vs the AI.

With the 4 players vs the AI, you could deal X amount of points and the players have to make up the ship comp with each other.

@neighbor-kid yea u did not mean 4v ai I mean the ability to play 2 humans vs 2 humans on skirmish as you cannot do that with you're mates.

Oh... well.. I still want something for 4 players to play together as a team. Though I hear you on your thought as well.

Backing replays for the billionth time. Also @JanetOnOccasion we should do some 2v2s sometime.