Hey there,
maybe i could get some feedback or with a lot of luck even a developer to answer to this idea, but it is something that i dreamed about since the first game.
I'd love to do somewhat of a custom campaign with some friends of mine, which is at the moment sadly only doable with a lot of compromises. And i am sadly no expert, but i think what is missing, should be nearly no work whatsoever to put in.
For those who maybe want to get a better grasp of what kind of custom campaign i am talking, just imagine a total war game of your choice. instead of the ingame campaign, you just take a random map of your choice (somewhat like d&d) and note troop movement and strenghts there. the acutal battles are fought in single scenarios and you keep track on if a unit got destroyed or decimated to a point in which it needs to replenish and so on.
For me, BFG2 is the ideal game to do something like that, but sadly there is no 2v1 mode (which would be great for 3 people and mixing the diffrent imperium navies into one against one large chaos fleet for example), and there is no custom point limit. 1200 points is nice for balanced matches, but i see no reason for not having this "fun mode" where balance can just be thrown out of the window.

Maybe my thoughts are a bit vague for you, so here is a summary:
I would love love love an unbalanced mode, where it is possible to determine a custom fleet point number and 2 versus 1 matches. If possible maybe even the option to give one faction defense platforms/mines/space stations, just like in the campaign.
I don't need a functionality for a versus campaign, this one more open mode would be just perfect.

So your thoughts maybe?