[No Sound] No sound on splash screen or in game

Reacuring problem. I had this problem as well in first beta trial.
Uninstall UE4 prerec.exe and reinstalled. Worked last time.

my sound still doesnt work and the UE4PrereqSetup_x64 (engine) unistall install trick didnt work.

Reinstalled game. Still no go

tried it already.(erased every data i could find) 1. Beta everything worked dont know why it changed.

Some progress. I Switched the sound from my speackers to my head set and then back. They now both work. Will update if anything else happens.

After switching to head set and then back. Sound does not kick on till after i clcik on a menu item.

Same here. Intro videos are fine but no sound after that.

I updated video drivers, added "-nohmd" to launch options, ran as admin (first just the game then both Steam and the game), rebooted at least a half dozen times, verified the game cache multiple times, tried Win 7 compatability mode, and disabled all other audio devices in Sound Control Panel.

I even tried setting the output device to my Vive Pro headset (which was turned off/disconnected during all other testing) and still no sound. As a last ditch resort I upgraded Windows 10 from 1803 to 1809, still nothing.

Uninstalling and reinstalling UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe as recommended in this thread also didn't work.

Hope this gets read. The how to report a bug or crash sticky says not to use tags in the post title or it likely won't get read. But it also says to post in an existing topic if there is one.... I can't do both.

Windows 10 1809
i7 920 @3.85ghz
24GB Ram DDR3 1600
Nvidia 1070 (connected to audio receiver by HDMI)


already tried this doesnt work.
I tried everything i can think of from driver update to diagnostic nothing worked.
simply hope this is only a beta problem.

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@sq_paradox i think i fixed it erase BFG 1 and 2 uninstall UE4, reinstall.
my problem is that now my soundcard doesnt work anymore, because of this i lost my surround sound but i think it was the windows patch and not BFG.