suggestions against 6x infestation devourers?

I know, it is technicially not 1.200 points, but people can still use old over-budget lists and it would work nearly the same with 5 devourers and for example 3 strangler escorts. the tentacles keep you in boarding range and engine crits prepare the assault boat coup de grace. the hangars keep you busy, while you try to keep the gribbles at +12.000 range. I don't think you can outrun it with 200 move speed for long, especially with all the hangars you have to deal with. you can't do much with crits against nids (at least with macros, don't know if there is a hidden lance buff) and other fleets cannot stack enough hangars reasonably to counter it. atm it feels a bit like trying to tackle slaneesh chaos with eldar in the first game. so I am open for some suggestions.

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they have no ranged weapons and their ordnance has 300 speed
do short boosts every time they start their dive
their ordnance will never catch you
then yuo just need to spot where the ordnance blips come from and scan with a escort
then just shoot them dead, they are pretty fragile
if they dont have the synapse upgrade, kill their admiral and make them all run

personally I want to avoid using animation loop exploits. imo it is okay to boost away from incoming ordnance, but I think it is not okay to keep them in a repeating animation loop.

the BCs are not fragile at all, it takes minutes of focus fire to kill one devourer. maybe I have to ditch macros and go lance-boating again, if the new armor system nerfed macros. I would not be surprised if nids have as a hidden perk less crits overall, because they have less targetable subsystems. in the time I would cripple two to three other ships, I barely have any fire effects on nids for example (their brains tend to blow up pretty fast though). the whole crit-system is pretty obscure atm. necrons seem to lose half of their subsystems before their engine blows, roks don't even catch fire, if you don't board them and SM seem to suffer crits as fast as before.