I have played both the Imperial and Necron story and have encounterd defence turrent station fireing after it has died and or no sound from them while they are alive.

Both Imperial and Necron stroy i would say out of the 8 battles i had 3 that ether i had no sound from weapons of ships or it was delayed did not matter if i was upclose or not.

In the story i had a necron fleet of 7 ships in total of 2 fleets only 5 of them showed up to the fight. Both leaders were there but 2 of my ships were missing and they were LC ships.

So far game runs very good better then the armada one and it is on Epic setting

If i find more i will report on this report

update imperial fleet issue

had 3 fleets for battle

only 2 showed up

then later 2 fleets

1 Cruiser did not show up fleet on map was 7 ships the 8th was the crusier and did not show up

defended world no turrents nor a space station showed up on cardia

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