Cant even click I agree in BFG 2 BETA 2

Can't even click the I agree at the beginning of the game. There is something blocking the mouse from going below the text to the I agree button.

any help would be appreciated Dev's

I ran into much the same problem, my mouse cursor is significantly off where it actually clicks. I managed to hit agree eventually, but its not playable as is.

I had a similar problem when I wanted to click a fleet, after the game failed to set itself to my resolution of 5040x1050 it tries to default and bypass your native monitor setting, it wanted to force me onto 1680x1050. This results in The game rescaling the screen and area and consequently some of the screen may become inaccessible, check your monitor and see if Tindalos supports your resolution. They have made a statement here in another thread that they 'will not be supporting' certain widescreen resolutions. Bad idea and this MAY be the reason for your problem. Lazy developing Tindalos.