[Suggestion] Character Voice Profanity Filter

Hello Insurgency team.

I can get past bugs and such for the quality of this fantastic game, but I cannot play the game through my speakers around my family, due to the frequent cursing. To play the game, I must use headphones, and cannnot make use of surround sound speakers.

I understand that the audio queues are an important and nearly necessary piece to the game, so perhaps you could utilize a filter to remove all audio queues with profanity from the list to choose from (I believe this would be the easiest for you guys). I would like to also note that this is the only audio group in the game without any kind of setting; player voice, master volume, and even music all have volume settings.

I believe this could open new opportunities for younger players, because many parents would not allow such high-caliber language. More players = more money.


Just want to bump this topic. I was sincerely considering getting my friends to buy this to play as a group... it is a fantastic team play shooter. However, after a short time the profanity has become too much, particularly using Jesus's name;
Please would you consider having some form of filter or volume so I can play again and invite my mates to do the same...