RX480 - Poor Performance in Game


I have an RX480, from my understanding, this is a card that should be able to handle this game fine.

I can't figure out why I am getting 10-20FPS. With mostly everything on Medium.

Does anyone have a fix or anything that they know of?

Greatly appreciated.


Hey there @kxg,

We're sorry you're encountering this issue. Improving performance is very important to us, but to do so, we need some more information. Are you getting 10-20 FPS consistently or does it drop to that number only occasionally? If you could also fill in the information below (as much as you can), it would be extremely useful to us:

Technical specifications :
HDD / SSD (on which the game is installed):
Native Resolution:
Latest Driver Update Date:

In-game :
Video Settings used:
Level you were in when experiencing the issue:
The amount of players you were playing with when experiencing the issue:

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your fast response! My sincerest apologies for not including these in the beginning of my thread.

Windows 10
i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz
16GB Ram
SSD - 480GB (only half used)
1920x1080p (Dual Monitors)
Last update installed today. v19.1.1

alt text

alt text

Thank you so much again!



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Also, this is a constant thing, its not bouncing or anything, just stays between the said FPS.

Happens in a full server, or not, just all the time.

Now its saying that I have another update 19.1.1 -- Installing that now

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Did you try the "Low" preset just to see if there's a difference?

I have an RX580 (8GB) which isn't that much faster, and a 2500k (which is slower than your CPU), but can play fine at higher resolutions with occasional drops to about 50fps. I'd definately lower anisotrophic to like 2-4x (anything higher can hardly be noticed if at all), effects to low, and disable ambient occlusion as well as Screen Space Reflections. Shadow resolution of 512x512 might help, too. Also try Texture Streaming Pool at Low or High.

@feuerholz -- Thank you for this...

I have changed what you said and it got me up to 30-35FPS solid. It didn't dip below or above this. So that is a plus.

But shouldn't I get better?

Does it have anything to do with my card not recognizing my dual monitors or something?

I don't know just brainstorming

Thanks for all the help thus far.

Try it out. You won't have much of a chance without trial and error. Also, try the LOW preset to see if it helps even more.

To narrow down the cause i'd also suggest to use a tool like MSI afterburner to see cpu & gpu utilization.

Make sure your game is running on dedicated gpu and not on igpu