please help me clear my name

I was banned on 28th December and have since been trying to clear my name I have send multiple videos and posts to easy anti cheat but have now been told that I was banned by a game moderator not them.

I was acussed of using a hack in a match and the guy posted on to the steam forum showing his perspective and sure enough he dies pretty much after spawning.

Now if u watch the replay from my perspective (I have a copy to share ) my character moves a few steps and shouts breaching door which was a door I arrived at in the game replay 6 seconds later.
Now on the game reply it looks like I'm stuck in this door way and I fire my gun. It kills him.

If I listen again to his replay u do actual hear my door breach. So there is a lag between my character on the replay Vs what happened on my game screen.

I joined the game at the very end and was having lag badly I will player stuck in door and falling through the floor. I was banned the next day after he posted it to the forum. Don't get me wrong from his reply it seemed like we were not in the same room but reading his posts he is to put it nicely a bit of a cry baby

Now I have my shadow play recording also I do not know how to video edit but if anyone could put both side by side it would 100percent clear me.
I did send both there videos to easy anti cheat who in all fairness have responded each time but it's down to the game mods.

I can appreciate that people do cheat and of it looks like your cheating maybe you are .
I have 6 years on Steam clean
Just spent over 1500 on pc parts
20 on the game
And I just wouldn't care to cheat.

In said match I had 2kills that's all and I'm accuracy is ,10 percent lol please don't laugh I'm learning FPS and am really enjoying them.

I feel sick having a ban on my profile when I genuinely believe that the lag was a factor again also the sound doesn't line up on the replay of the game and the shadow play recording I have shows a different picture to the game replay.

I genuinely just want help to reach out to the right person to fix this. I have all my games recorded before and after and there is nothing sinister going on.

Please help me I swear I would t cheat

Upload the video(s) to youtube. Nobody will trust as "suspected" cheater to download a file from him.

Also nobody other player here has the ability to remove your ban.

@mefirst me thinks this is for the devs and mods here.

@max80 said in please help me clear my name:

@mefirst me thinks this is for the devs and mods here.

Hi yes I'm hoping someone will pick this up and assist me.
I just think it's unreasonable to be banned by a player's replat system that definitely doesnt add up with what's actually going on. I know from constantly watching the forums on steam that it constantly gets brought up regarding the in game replay.

The match was a casual and as you know u don't get points for kills really so there's nothing to gain from cheating. I'm just extremely frustrated now

If a video can ban you surely watching my videos should get me unbanned.
If I was cheat I'd hang my head in shame and walk away 20 quid out of pocket.
But I am not a cheat so at least want it looked at ,if possible by someone who can say if there can do anything about it.

Even easy anti cheat who very rarely reply did so maybe they watched the videos anyway but can do sod all ..............

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