Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Beta 2 Launch

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to release Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Pre-order Beta 2 today!

We are currently aiming for a 6PM CET / 5PM GMT / 12PM EST / 9AM PST launch, but stay tuned as we may do a soft release a few hours earlier to make sure everything is working as expected. This Beta will last until the full release of the game on January 24.

In case you missed it last week, you can take a look at our new campaign trailer, breaking down every facet of the 100+ hours that can easily be spent in Armada 2’s single-player offering.

Youtube Video

  • This second beta features:
  • The 12 playable factions
  • The 80+ subfactions
  • Ranked play
  • Updated custom map options with special environmental effects from the first beta.
  • Prologue of the campaign
  • First sectors of the Imperium and Necron campaigns

The team has worked hard on your feedback from the first Beta and this second Beta will bring a lot of balance tweaks and bug fixes. You’ll find some highlights and a patchlog at the end of this post. Make sure to read our Quick Start Guide and the more detailed How to Start guide to prepare for the Beta.

Much like in the last Beta, we’re really interested in getting your feedback about all aspects of the game: balancing, technical issues, and now also the campaigns, including the Necron and Imperium first sectors.


We’d also like to tackle an important topic as we near the full release of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. This game is an incredibly ambitious project for our small team and we’ve worked hard to release a sequel improved in every way over the original. It includes 12 factions and three massive grand campaigns playable in co-op. But as we’re working around the clock to polish every part of the game, we will be forced to release the co-op mode in an early access state on launch. It will also not be available during this Beta phase.

This means that we’re simply not entirely satisfied yet by the level of polish on offer in the co-op mode. It will be available at release but we will continue to improve it and fix technical issues in this mode after launch and our current estimation for the full release of campaign co-op is during March. In the meantime, the co-op mode will be playable on launch but you might experience some technical issues. Your feedback about this mode will be instrumental to make it stable as fast as possible.

Join us tonight for a campaign livestream on Focus Home Twitch channel to discuss the update and give us your opinion!


Pre-Order now to receive access today to the Beta until the release of the game on January 24:

Pre-Order Beta 2 - Changelog

New Content and features

  • 1st Sector of the Imperium Campaign is now available
  • 1st Sector of the Necron Campaign is now available
  • Added Ship Viewer
    • When you create a custom fleet in skirmish, you can access the ship viewer with the associated button
  • Added leaderboard
    • Available from the main menu
    • Filter by factions and leagues (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Adamantium, Epic, Legendary)
    • Standard ELO system
    • Will be reset at full release


  • Reworked armor mitigation calculation
    • Stronger armor and hull are now more resilient and more in-line with what we originally intended
  • Board actions:
    • Surgical Strike (SM, Drukhari, Necron) crit damage chance increased from 30% to 60%
    • Planned Strike (Tau & Aeldari factions) crit damage chance increased from 20% to 30%
  • Torpedo hit points increased from 2 to 4
  • Unstable Pulse Core upgrade bonus decreased from 100% to 50%
  • Necron Starpulse Wave damage decreased from 300 to 250
  • Augur Disruptor Bomb reworked:
    • Now removes the detection zone of all enemy ships on the map for 45s
    • Scanning range is unaffected
  • Disruption Bomb damage radius increased to 4500 units from 1500.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus ships no longer receive melta torpedoes
  • Imperial Battleship Oberon no longer has a nova cannon
  • Aeldari Pulsar weapons and Phantom Lances now have a slight angle of fire
  • Tyranid ships are now vulnerable to lightning strikes even while shielded
  • Space Marine escort ships armour value increased from 67 to 83
  • Call to Arms order reduced to one charge
  • Brace for Impact stance turret accuracy bonus reduced to 50% from 100%
  • The Mercenary attribute now means the crew of this ship cannot be executed
  • The Rally order on admiral ships grants 400 morale for itself and 200 for allied ships in range


  • All profiles have been reset for Pre-Order Beta 2
  • The game will allow more time for slower players to connect to a game before invalidating it
  • Fixed multiple connectivity issues
  • Improved netcode to reduce desynchronization issues
  • You can now ping on the map in 2vs2, which will be shown to your ally

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple localization issues fixed
  • Fixed and cleaned several issues in the prologue
  • Added mouse and keyboard input in the prologue
  • Giant asteroids are now properly displayed and available in custom games
  • Multiple optimizations on VFX to improve performance
  • Multiple performance improvements on the battle map
  • More than 200 bug fixes on gameplay/campaign/graphical settings.
  • The AI will now properly ignore Asteroid Fields if they are immune to them
  • You can no longer use burn retro while a ship is in mutiny
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@chaton said in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Beta 2 Launch:

  • Reworked armor mitigation calculation
    • Stronger armor and hull are now more resilient and more in-line with what we originally intended

how exactly was the calculation done and how is it changed?
thought it was a pretty simple calculation so have a lot of questions about how could be reworked

Thank you dev's and the community for makeing this game. I been waiting for this game for sometime and the galactic map was unexpected i was thinking of the style of the first game but from the trailer reminds me of an old classic Star Wars Empire At War of the space battles and map. Over the years i have seen attempts in mods based on warhammer for games but none all that good. Then the armada 1 came out then the game grew on me and i thought it could not get any better i was mistaken and now the crown jewel of space games is now a reaility with a grand everything. Tank you all for bringing a wish of mine true

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I'm loving the game so far, but there is one thing that's kind of marred the entire experience so far: having more than one other friend own the game. Is there any plan to let us do 2v2 just as a group of 4 mates in skirmish? Or are we never going to be able to play with more than one friend at a time?

Again, beta's been excellent my end so far, but I just hope the ability to go 2v2 against my mates will be in like it was in BFGA 1

@chaton You clearly didn’t read very much of the feedback, given how much of it was “without star pulse Necrons suck, give thembuffs” considering they got a points increase and l strike nerf in addition to the starpulse nerf. They are as of now unplayable in multiplayer and need to be seriously re-examined.

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@nemesor-xanxas said in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Beta 2 Launch:

@chaton You clearly didn’t read very much of the feedback, given how much of it was “without star pulse Necrons suck, give thembuffs” considering they got a points increase and l strike nerf in addition to the starpulse nerf. They are as of now unplayable in multiplayer and need to be seriously re-examined.

Yeah, it's going to be very interesting trying to use them with a double-whammy of nerfs even in singleplayer. The multiplayer lads are likely doomed.

liked what i've been seeing in the campaign section, the skirmish/multiplayer side, is another story. #unbalanced.

Dont forget its a beta so things are still missing or unbalaced so i cant wait for full release
On 4 start of impiral story 2nd on necrons
I love the game whats missing. cant spawn 3rd fleet in battle. planet defences for you dont show up in battle. sound issues whil in battle. i had worse on other betas so i am waiting for full release.

@leoki212 I think you have to place your planetary defence platforms yourself. So if you forgot that...

For the third fleet, you won't be able to unlock a high enough points limit during this short campaign preview, so of course the third fleet won't show long as you don't lose to many ships in the battle, because then they will come in as reinforcements.

Yea been finding that out ai sends the same as me like 5 v 5 also i understand that stats plays a part in it and it still in beta but other then that thank you and cant wait for full release. Also defences i will test that out tomarrow and part of the sound issue is boarders still fighting on my ship

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Praise the Emperor,

I hope to see the Dark Angels involved some point in the campaign!

fatal error!And always loading!
Server is fucking shit!

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