The Surge hard crashes on Xbox One X

I bought the Surge and all expansions for the Xbox One X. The regular game seems to run well (10 hours playtime with no issues) but "The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented" expansion crashes frequently, shutting down the console entirely. It crashed when I first entered the Testing Chamber before I even started any missions; it crashed in the middle of a couple of missions, it crashed in the Medbay menu after a mission; and it crashed in the item fabrication menu prior to a mission - five crashes within an hour. Thus far the crashes seem to only be related to this expansion, so I'm planning to go back to the regular game and come back to this later, hopefully after it is fixed.

Please fix this issue. This expansion seems like a lot of fun, and I'd like to be able to play it.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any more information about this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello @dave-pitt-owen,

Have you received any error messages when the game crashed, please?

No - I do not receive an error message. The system freezes, the controller becomes non-responsive, and then the entire Xbox shuts down and powers itself off a few seconds later. When I turn it back on, I have to re-launch the game. Is there any way to look for an error message after this kind of crash?

On the plus side, the main game runs very well; I still have no issues with that. It seems to be just the Augmented expansion, though I have yet to try the other one.

I'll pass this on to the team, and come back to you with more info!

As a quick update, this issue still exists.

I went back to the main game for several hours, and the game ran very well. I then took a few hours to complete the first part of the "A Walk In The Park", and had no issues. I went back to the main game for a bit, and had no problems. But when I went to the "The Good, the Bad, the Augmented" expansion, the game crashed my system within 5 minutes (just like I described in my last post).

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with your efforts.

Though this issue persists, I developed a workaround that allowed me to finish this expansion.

I basically ran one mission at a time, and then saved and quit afterwards. I also refrained from looking in the inventory screen, as this seemed to make the crashes more frequent. When I needed to access my inventory, I'd take the shortcut to the executive forum location, as the ops center is right there. By doing this, I managed to run about 40 missions, with only two crashes.

One last note: this problem also occurs in the Nucleus.

I can confirm the problem exists on Xbox one X and it is truly annoying. Happens when managing inventory/crafting/using items within DLC Test chamber. The game freezes and then the console is completely shutting down. You can avoid these crashes switching to another zone and craft/manage items there, but really that's shouldn't be like this. It didn't happen during the actual episode gameplay (but I haven't touched inventory while playing chapters), Test chamber problem only.
I am the fan of the game, and asking for a fix. The DLC is good, but those shutdowns are actually could be dangerous for a console hardware, besides ruining the fun the addon provides.

I bought this game a week ago (regular version) And it was running flawless until i reached the nucleus area and as everyone above already said, the game freezers and after a few seconds it shuts down my xbox one x.

Really sucks cause I was really enjoying the game, and was even thinking about buying the expansion/dlc. But now im not touching the game (Nor its sequel) til its been fixed, if there ever will be a fix that is, since the game has been out for a few years now.

@chaton said in The Surge hard crashes on Xbox One X:

I'll pass this on to the team, and come back to you with more info!
Hi Chaton. This bug was reported on this forum in December 2017 ( and it appears it is still left unfixed. Please, can you share with community the status of this crash being addressed. Will it ever be fixed? I am concerned it has not been fixed for so long that it will not be addressed ever. This bug being unaddressed for so long has impacted my purchase of several games from Focus Home Interactive. It doesn’t matter how good a game is a game breaking bug will do just that. But not fixing it after you are aware...that is a game publisher breaking bug. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

Been encountering this issue today, I thought my Xbox was b02k3d until I googled "Good Bad Augmented Crash Xbox" on a whim & found this thread.

Just spent an hour getting to the end of the second stage of ep7, checked my inventory on reflex before moving onto the boss stage & Xbox crashed 😞 😞 😞

Silver lining I suppose, I won't have to put my Xbox in for service like I feared might be the case!

Just purchased the expansions and am currently playing The Good, the Bad, the Augmented and am experiencing identical issues as well. Any update of the fix for this?

And here we are in August of 2019 and the same bug from 2017 is not fixed.

These bugs are the sole reason I am making a hard pass on the Surge 2.

Maybe some day these newer devs will understand that they’ll be a lot better off emulating a company like CD Projekt Red then acting like EA or Bethesda (who are more than ok releasing unfinished broken messes and going complete radio silent once they sell as many copies of the game as they can get away with without fixing game breaking bugs).

You guys lost a customer and I am sure I am not alone in the sentiment. I won’t buy or use The Surge 2 in any of my machines even if its on sale for $10 or if I find a copy in the trash.

You guys should change the name of the second game from “The Surge 2” to “SurgeOut 76” and the first game to “Surge Effect Andromeda” so customers can have a better more honest understanding of what they are buying when getting one of your broken games.

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@LCRava said in The Surge hard crashes on Xbox One X:

And here we are in August of 2019 and the same bug from 2017 is not fixed.

These bugs are the sole reason I am making a hard pass on the Surge 2.

Same here. It’s a shame because the surge 1 was pretty cool, despite some balancing issues.

I made an account here just to post on this topic. It's now 2021 and I'm experiencing this same issue. Bought the DLC's on sale on a whim and now can't enjoy this one at all as it seems this problem will never be fixed. Very disappointing.

@chaton It's been 2 years. Any info yet?

incredible!, 2022 and this error still persists, if I had known before, I would not have bought the game, you cannot have more than 5 years with a known flaw in a game and not do anything about it, the worst? I bought The Surge 2, who knows what problems I will find now when playing the 2, my console turns off in The God dlc, The Bad blah blah blah, you can't treat a community so badly, seriously