Kicked for idle for 0 mins 10 seconds

That’s what it told me.. You guys are fucked god this games trash right now. I’ll just keep playing in all it’s broken glory cause apparently I love this game..

That happened to me once. I will say I was in a game with you last night where it kicked you for inactivity. You were idle for a good while and when you were the last one left it kicked you.

So, I think if you have been idle and everyone dies it gives you 10 seconds to return.

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@MLB7 is correct. The game will kick you after 10 seconds if you are the last man standing, and if you are standing on the spawn area.

We are currently investigating a bug where the 10 second last man standing kick can trigger outside the spawn area. Was this what happened to you, @planetcanada?

@jellyfoosh Honestly, that is a nice feature. Maybe they could change the message to something else. The 10 seconds is what throws you off. When it happened to me I was like damn, can't a guy get a drink of water around here. 😆

@jellyfoosh @MLB7 I’m not entirely sure if I was the last man left I had been idle on and off playing with graphic settings and checking various performances in task manager. But yes the 0 minutes and 10 seconds notification on my screen is what threw me off! I was having quite a few issues with the game that day and was just getting very frustrated. I was unaware that the afk timer is changed to 10 seconds when “I am the one and only” happens I think that may be a touch harsh but either way it is what it is. Appreciate the response never the less!

@mlb7 That’s funny though see ya on the field 😉

@planetcanada I saw you speak to me at the end of the game a few minutes ago. First time I saw you was in that game you got kicked. I was like that's the dude from the forum and then you got kicked. Ive played at some different times last couple days so that's why we are probably running into each other.

@mlb7 Funny how I said see ya on the field and then I did lol.