Can´t see my hands on first person view!

i don´t see the player model on first person view, guns and stuff are floating! Also i can´t seem to choose items i´ve already purchased, and everytime i pass over items they show incorrectly. Please help!

Hey @Raizo,

Thank you for pointing this out! I've passed this issue on to the team!

Please, thank YOU for paying attention, i´m glad to be of help! i´ve been leaving feedback since alpha stage because i believe this is a great game!

I also have a problem with seeing my hands in first person. It works a bit more than 50% of the time. It looks a little strange and is a bit disorienting when trying to hip-fire with no arms... this seems to be the only real bug I encounter in the game, and overall I'm very impressed with the game as a whole. Keep it up!