Do We have Time on the 15th for Servers to go live for pre - order Beta?

I would like to stream the game on twitch and other streaming platforms on Beta launch day tomorrow and just need to find out the time for launch?

My best guess is tomorrow afternoon shortly before the twitch stream which starts at 6pm CET.

9:33 AM] HERO: @[Focus] chaton same time tomorrow for when Beta gets released?
[9:35 AM] [Focus] chaton: Hey! We aim to launch it at 6pm!
[9:38 AM] HERO: 9am PST or 12pm EST guys
[9:38 AM] HERO: I'm assuming thats 6pm CET
[9:38 AM] HERO: so there you go
[9:38 AM] [Focus] chaton: Sorry yeah it's 6PM CET