Friendly fire 0 chances

Does anyone else think that friendly fire shouldn't have the 1 chance it gives the player? Like, I keep getting killed by salty players who want to use the machine gun turret when I'm on it instead of them just asking me to get off, or people who aren't paying attention. And because there's no respawns until an objective is captured, it's ME who is technically being punished because I'm dead. COD brought in the zero tolerance mechanic years ago. ALL friendly damage should be reflected back straight away instead of one chance being given. Maybe it'll also help people who do legitimately make a mistake to learn to look before they shoot too.

Do you want commanders to die each time they call airstrikes ? Because that's how you get commanders to die each time they call airstrikes.

@grumf Then they should be more careful

In my opinion they don't strictly have to die but at least let me respawn or regain my health after a friendly empties a G3 on my nape because HE wasn't paying any attention to the objective

That could easily be abused.

It could happend to everybody .. I`m pretty cautious and 90% semi auto but still there are people runing in to your line of fire, they got hit or even killed even if it is just one hit ..

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Nope, reflect damage is an awful idea. One person needs to lean into your line of fire take a bullet to the head and ooopps youre dead. A commander just needs one player to walk into incoming fire support and ah theyre dead too. Reflect damage should not be a thing. It should be one chance then youre out rather than the old 2 chances and the third got you kicked. There also needs to be a vote kick mechanic in place.

Reflect sounds and seems like a great idea until its there then you realise its fucking awful and has no place in a game like this.

I think reflect damage is not something that should be applied liberally, but something that is only a last-ditch effort to encourage some hesitation before you shoot. Griefers would have a field day running into your line of fire or blocking your view on purpose.

If you're repeatedly shooting teammates and killing them, even with the decreased damage, then you need to work on your identification skills. That's when damage reflection should be enabled.

There should be some exceptions to friendly fire, in certain situations. Just for my opinion, I think it should work like this...
No Teamkills : Slight decrease in damage to teammates. (More damage than it is now)
1 Teamkill : Receive warning, significant decrease in team damage.
3 Teamkills : On screen warning, damage reflection enabled.

If you're really that bad at identifying teammates, an instruction graphic will point out that the insurgents wear black backpacks and security wear tan backpacks.

@musicnote Sadly reflect damage is already in COOP. It never used to be, during the beta it was on the 3rd tk you got kicked...

Its very annoying since a great deal of players are clueless and often walk into friendly fire or my personal favourite! Try to shoot through you to kill the guy that youve already dropped.

No, I think that some players are really stupid and walk into line of fire. That shouldn't punish me.
Also mistakes are easily made and a simple "I'm sorry" over the VOIP should be enough. I think the old Insurgency way of letting the player decide wether to punish or not should be in place. In that way I could decide if I think it was on purpose or not.
I really think that they should reintroduce votekick as well so that you can get rid of players destroying the experience for other players.

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The reflect is a bit stupid mechanism. Idiots will be idiots and there's very little that can be done about that while maintaining any resemblance of realism.

I also don't really see how the reflection deters trolls and griefers in any way, they just find another way to make life hard (like running into your fire, triggering the reflect on you...)

Sure votekicks can be abused by a group of griefers, but how common is that anyway ? And if there's a in-game reporting function it's trivial to report such behaviour and hopefully the group of asshats gets slapped sooner rather than later.

In all the games that have votekick that I've played I have never personally seen it abused and it has been very helpful in getting rid of that occasional idiot that does not listen when told to act like an adult.

IMO they should remove any and all reflective damage it’s stupid as hell and was a stupid idea to implement it in the first place. Let’s kill some more immersion why don’t we.. I rarely shoot my own teammates because I do take a look but the odd time when I’m a little on edge and it happens a couple of times the damage reflecting back onto me just kills any and all immersion I had going what so ever. Pretty much makes me want to stop playing it’s very stupid and not what Insurgency is about. As far as the people shooting teammates on purpose ohhh well dem be de breaks shit happens and either leave the server and join a different one or engage in a match long 1vs1 battle with the teammate who killed you.. People are shitty a lot of the time get over it.. Get rid of damage reflection all together please.

Another idea is to turn off friendly fire, or a more realistic approach would be instant lowering of the gun, if a friendly walks into your crosshair. This way people who do try to friendly fire you won't be able to and those who don't want to kill / shoot a teammate won't do it by accident.
Friendly fire by air support should still stay the way it is. I've had numerous brainless zombies running towards the objective #RushBCykaBlyat style even when they heard me call in fire support and see the colored smoke on the objective. Let these people know this ain't a game about rushing.
To those thinking the commander role could be abused this way, no way. I'm 80% of the time a commander and the observer is usually on a sight seeing tour 55 miles away from my position even after shouting observaaa repeatedly and there's also a cooldown for calling airstrikes, therefor even if someone trys to spam an objective with air support, he/she won't be able to.

@sgt-kanyo Removing FF is a very stupid idea and so is lowering the weapon.. I’m not gonna die because an enemy walks into the room at the same time as a teammate walks right in front of me looking at me and not the enemy. I’m going to mow that teammate down shooting right through his stomach Hopefuly right into and killing the enemy he has just blocked so we don’t both die. Sorry way it is keep ya head on swivel and pay attention. FF is a part of war it’s very sad and unfortunate and I wish people wouldn’t abuse it on purpose just to be shit heads but let’s not totally kill even more immersion by removing it thanks.. MO

"Friendly fire, isn't" but removing it or auto-lowering of weapon is not a solution. Removing the reflect and figuring out another way to deal with trolls (cough votekick cough) is.


Yeah you show exactly the problem with players. A real soldier would not shoot through his teammate since he's knows even if the bullet goes through him (which it probably won't if he's wearing kevlar) it'll divert the bullet in such way that there's no chance for you to hit him. And let's assume for a minute you are the luckiest guy on the planet and the bullet somehow does hit the enemy. Since the bullet already lost it's kinetic energy it'll probably won't even hurt the enemy. But hey at least you killed a teammate and now the enemy has a perfect shot to kill you.

So what would be the solution if you're so unlucky that a teammate moves right in front of you while you're engaging the enemy and apparently he was facing you for god knows what reason. The idea of this happening is, let's be real here, very low, but it does happen.
What you should do is something humans invented a long time ago, it's called movement. You use your legs to move either to the left or the right and engage the enemy like that.

To me it really sounds like, you're trying to punish your teammates who didn't have enough tactical awareness or just quite simply didn't see the enemy. If you try to kill a teammate just so you can try to kill an enemy (which I emphasize, you won't, since bullets don't go through him like in movies) that is still friendly fire and you deserve to be called a TEAMKILLER.

Back to why lowering the weapon is a good idea:
Since friendly fire incidents do happen irl it might sound weird to automatically lower your gun, but irl your eye has peripherial vision which games cannot imitate. This way any teammates who are near you, you would be aware of since you're not some junky on drugs who has tunnel vision.
On longer distances friendly fire could be made to have full effect, since it does happen, that you don't know what you're shooting at. But damage should never be reflected back to you. That is the most stupid fucking thing I've ever heard of, especially in a game that trys to be realistic.
An automatic vote kick could be initiated after 2 teamkills, where all the players on the servers vote wether to kick the player or not.
Or a more humane punishing system, where let's assume you were teamkilled, then you have the option to punish the person. This punishment would be something like he needs to come back to the last point where he'd respawn you (and only you). How this would work is the teamkiller would need to move quickly back towards the last point otherwise his weapon would get lowered. Imagine it like when you move into the "restricted zone". And he'd be stuck in this "restricted zone" (weapons lowered) until he respawns you. This would not only give you another chance to play more, but also teach the teamkillers to play like a team. And if the TK wasn't deliberate, the TKer wouldn't be killed for absolutely no reason.

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@sgt-kanyo First off we are talking the game not real life I was talking the game not real life so your points are complete garbage and it happens all the time in the “GAME” because I’m crouched in a corner and someone notices someone has come on the point and they rush in and shoot the first person they see many times that being me a teammate even though the actual enemy is right behind them.. Nope don’t care happens all the time and way to often so you die they die who ever end of story I’ve had enough of it I used to try to move and just not shoot my teammates but they are too stupid and can’t figure it out and we both end up dead as where many times in the once again “GAME” I kill them both and usualy afterwards apologize to my teammate which is usualy met with “no problem it was my fault”.. So I disagree with you whole heartedly but respect you as a human? Lol

Didn't quite understand your reasoning there or your post for that matter.

This game ain't Fortnite. It's not some let me jump from 5 meters, open my parachute, do a 360 noscope and scream REEEE type of game. Insurgency advertises itself as realistic, the mod was realistic, the first game was realistic, it's what people who've been playing with this game fell in love with. (Unfortunately it seems to be turning into Yet Another COD Clone, but this is for another topic)

So let's see your scenario. You're crouching in the corner defending the point, a friendly (idiot) runs in and starts shooting at random corners hoping he'll kill an enemy and not a friendly. The method I suggested (lowering the weapon) would prohibit that player from doing that, you don't get killed, he doesn't TK by accident, everyone is happy right?
Saying your teammates are stupid and only them would actually suggest that you're just trying to justify anything bad you do. Teammates walking into your line of fire while you're aiming can happen, but it doesn't give you the right to kill them.
Until you understand that, you're a teamkiller.
I mean what's the message here, your teammates are dumb therefor you have the right to kill them?

Also make sure you read the 2nd part of what I first wrote, because those actually encourage teamplay in a ... teamplay based game.

@sgt-kanyo Jesus Christ bud you have no idea what I’m even saying do you? Read it again it’s not that hard. First off I’ve never played fortnite so I would have no idea what that trash is like but you’ve played it haven’t you.. second realistic?? What games are you playing no video games are realistic there video games. I’ve played tons of Insurgency source my favourite shooter hands down that’s all I wanted this game to be (with better graphics and effects) but it’s not. That’s why there’s tons of threads on here about how this game is not like the old insurgency and apparently it’s not supposed to be even though that’s what I was lead to believe when I pre ordered the game. Either way. Next that idiot isn’t running shooting random corners did you once again not read what I wrote?? He shoots the first person he sees often enough being me hiding in the corner because they can’t differentiate between uniforms? I don’t know.. it’s not that difficult for me but I’m talking specifically when they are in line with the enemy but looking at me it happens. When that’s not the case I more often then not can shoot very close to my teammate and not hit him even once while still killing the enemy. Now lowering the weapon and everyone is happy right? Are you joking?? So now that enemy has killed both of us because once again I can’t shoot because I have a teammate looking at me instead of the enemy and my weapon is lowered I’m not in the slightest happy.. Ffs man that’s all I’m gonna touch on ur clueless obviously. I see your points and I don’t agree with them you clearly do not understand even what I am trying to get across so I will not waste my time with you anymore. Good day to you sir!

I just want to say bullets can and will pass through a human body and enter another. Your odds really go up when you are on full auto. Also, many people do not wear armor in this game.

I do try to shoot around a teammate to kill an enemy behind him, but I've clipped the friendly more times than i like to admit. Haha. Lets be real though. That dude is dead anyway since the enemy is behind him and my efforts to not kill him will end up killing me 80% of the time.