Any Info Next Update ?

So can we get any kind of timeline or date maybe some info anything really at all about the next update? How about even a ballpark? January? February? 2019? Lol. Console? XboxOneX? I still open this forum up everyday hoping to see something exciting yet only see the same tired old stuff. Just wanted to throw that out there! Anyways if anyone at all has heard anything I’m sure lots would love to hear!! Even speculation? I did read something from a moderators post somewhere not to long ago saying there is discussion going on lol but any chance on a little more info than that? I was really hoping we would be kept in the loop at least a bit more than we have been thus far. But.. she be what she be.. Game On!

Nothing since December 21st.

It was Christmas, which is fair enough.

But still, we've been waiting since the closed alpha for the damage model to get fixed... The game still doesn't run well and it was supposed to have been released in September...

I don't think it'd be unreasonable to say (the community and) I would appreciate a little back-and-forth about the decision making which is going on. What's being prioritised and why?

...I mean, we recently witnessed a whole load of development time get totally wasted on the damage reflection charade which could've been avoided by asking the community if they thought it wasn't a batshit crazy idea in advance...

Are the guns getting fixed next patch? Will rifle rounds to the heart and lungs of unarmoured targets start doing more than making people stumble slightly?

I feel like NWI’s communication skills have deteriorated ever since they began working on the engine update. Remember when we got an update every Thursday? If you can’t accomplish what you want in a week, fine. But some communication on roughly when we’ll get an update and what to expect from it would be nice.

If you haven’t read this, I would highly recommend it. They do give some idea of their plans, but nothing on when we’ll see an update or what we’ll get in the next update or two.

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