(Bug) Female voices for Males customization

Like the title says. I have only female voices for the male characters on security team. I asked other players ingame if they ever had this issue (I've actually had it since beta testing) and no one else seems to have it. I've verified cache and tried a reinstall but nothing worked. It seems to be a game related problem that I only have for some reason. Here is a link to a clip I made of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCLL_webJTA&feature=youtu.be

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Hey @Marshman220
Thanks for reporting this, we will investigate the issue. The video is very helpful!

Could you please locate this directory (you can paste it into your file explorer):


Then remove these files:

Then try the same steps again as you did in the video if you will be able to reproduce the issue.

@jellyfoosh sorry for the earlier post about the same issue. I thought the first thread didn't post at all.

@arc This worked!! After removing the listed items, I loaded the game, went to the customization and now I have more options than before when I had the bug! Thank you so much! (Seriously, that really ruined my immersion to the game XD)