AI difficulty increase with level?

is it just me or does anybody else feel like the AI becomes more "intelligent" as you level up?
it should be becoming easier as you grow in the game and get to know your play but it started at level 40 that I was experiencing massive "arbitrary" focus on my char (like 5 ppl entering a field shooting at opponents without taking damage and me getting a headshot right after taking the 1st opponent out) and now that I am level 50 I can hardly enter a match without being taken out right away ... 😞

well play on dedicated servers you dont have rank lol

It seems to be hit or miss. When I see AI, they seem to zip for me constantly and I'm dead with headshots.. I've seen people double my rank get shot in their feet then wipe out all the AI yet I turn a corner and get brained right away... Doesn't seem to make sense...

Pretty sure that if you look at the AI they will react faster.

On your question I don’t know.

In first Insurgency I believe bots acted more aggressive if you had sniper rifle scopes and they only used rpg when two+ teammates was exposed in same area. The amount of time you are exposed in general is the most important factor.

You know for the bots you are just a coordinate, when you are exposed a timer goes down until they start shooting and then there is a constant probability calculation wether you get hit or not which definitely raise with time exposed, hiding until the bots stop firing helps reset these mechanics.

If difficulty raise with lvl I dunno, but not in my experience so far.

Bots have very unrealistic type of accuracy. Most of the time they are actually pretty bad at aiming, however sometimes they get insanely lucky and kill you instantly with a headshot from a 1st shot. This can happen from extremely far away.
I don't think the difficulty increases with the level you're on, I think it just takes some time for players to realise how awful the current AI system is.
Really the way I imagine it right now is like playing russian roulette with a revolver that can hold a 100 bullets. 1 bullet is in the gun and every time you encounter an enemy you pull the trigger. It is inevitable to die after a while.
My theory is backed up by me usually not even getting hit anywhere. However when I do get hit, 80% of the time it's a headshot and 80% of the time it comes from the 1st shot.

What NWI should do is add an increasingly better accuracy for every single bot from the moment they see you, which resets if you move far away. First they miss a few shots trying to zero you in and then if you haven't moved into cover, they'll land a few shots on you. These shots can be lethal and non-lethal as well. Also if you're moving your chance of getting hit should be decreased. Another great thing to add would be that this increasing accuracy obviously needs to stop at some point. It cannot keep increasing to 100% since, that's not how human beings work. Especially when the target is further away.

@sgt-kanyo Pretty sure my accuracy is higher than any given bot.


Reason you are being hit 80% in the head is because that is the part you are probably exposing when peeking most of the time. Accuracy does not need to increase to 100% for you to be hit, not sure what you mean by that (if accuracy is 50% every second bullet will hit you right) , but in my experience they rarely hit you when exposed at first, so they are quite forgiving imo. No other developer have found any better solution either, so awful ai is a bit dramatic brand imo - though I guess your playstyle have given you an experience I cant relate to at all, as they are easy to confuse by frequently using and changing cover.

The bots should definitely continue to be able to kill from long distance to avoid abusing their ai more than what is already possible. Except from their mollys being a bit too accurate I see no problem with current ai, they are still a lot easier to handle than most aware human players.

There is no way NWI can make the bots feel right for everyone except having several difficulties as the bot difficulty is subjective, but definitely easy enough as is for many players, as on most servers its a run and gun.

What I meant by that is their accuracy should be dynamic. Imagine their accuracy as a "cone" where that cone's radius decreases the more time they aim at you. This would give the player the feeling that these bots start to land more and more accurate shots at you. Now obviously this cone would be quite big at first at long distances, but that's the thing the way the radius increases the bots will be able to land shots more and more accurately.
Within that radius I was talking about the chance of landing a shot should be random. Meaning hitting a pixel within that radius should be randomized (this would simulate a bot not being able to handle the weapon perfectly like a robot). And by randomizing I mean you have the exact same chance for hitting any of the pixels within the radius.

The old Insurgency had a very good bot system that was pretty hard to deal with, especially when the server had increased the amount of spawning bots. But these bots would never just appear out of nowhere and give you a headshot.
Having a very unforgiving bot difficulty defeats the purpose of COOP, since why not just play against real players then who actually move and shoot like human beings. (well apart from Mr. Buggs Bunny who jumps from 3 meters in front of you and shoots you while in air and other non-sense players do)

And sure bots should be able to kill you from a long distance too, but let's not forget that the insurgent bots use extremely old weapons with iron sights. And yet their accuracy puts Navy SEALs into shame sometimes.

Also you do have a point that usually my head is exposed, but so is my arm and so is my upper torso. And like I said that 80% headshot rate counts even when you're not in cover. I've been spectating my teammates several times and see that all of a sudden out of nowhere they fall to the ground.

dunno, still have the impression I originally stated; whenever I join I get killed on the spot or, after successfully breaking this train of failure, I get a disconnect from the server (having a 500 m/bit fibre optic connection) ... 😞

I've heard rumors that AI get's easier as more players get wiped out.

At level 52 now, I don't think that is true.

However, the AI's uncanny ability to lob molotovs with perfect accuracy at targets they can't see (indoors, behind walls, etc.) is a little off-putting, as is their ability seemingly track your movement through walls while they wall-bang with PKMs or DshKs should you be exposed and fired upon before going prone or sprinting somewhere else (while in cover).