Graphic Texture Glitch

Hello. I know this problem has been mentioned before, but don't remember how to fix it.

But when I'm on any map, whether it's the original maps or it's one I've downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

Then there are suddenly appearing deep black ditches / holes in the mud on the ground next to the vehicle and in between the tires the vehicle.

But it's not that I get stuck in them.

It seems more like a glitch with texture or the visual with the graphic on the map.

It doesn't do any damage to the truck or make the truck flip over as mentioned earlier, but it is incredibly annoying.

Is there any way to fix this, or whether there is a texture mod from, for example, a mod web site that I download to fix it.

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I forget the exact name but the 'Radius of active objects' (or something similar) option in the stmod advanced options causes what I think you're describing, it just needs to be unchecked.

Okay I think I know what you mean. Will check it out. Thanks.