Australia expansion

Hi i was wondering if there are plans for a Australia expansion pack in the future. i would be really cool as Australia has such a vast terrain and vehicles.


Land cruisers [70 series 2018]
Nissan patrol
Ford rangers
and many others

There is a community of people who play your game here in Australia and i believe it would expand if you made a expansion that targets Australian.


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There will be no new DLC for Mudrunner.

Maybe in MR2.

@alpscruiser Says who? I certainly haven't heard that from any official source. What I've read is that MR is still under active development, with at least bug fixes coming up. Those are actually more important to me than more content. We have plenty of content in the workshop.

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Search in the forum there are more then one official posts that no new DLC will be released.
Bugfixes yes but no new content.

If you don‘t believe me - i don‘t care.