Unable to truly get stuck in mud.

This has been a long-standing issue but I consider it a bug because this game is supposed to have realistic mud simulation, at least in hardcore mode. When a vehicle gets stuck in deep mud, it never truly gets stuck in place. It actually crawls very slowly, pushing the mud in front of it like a little bulldozer. Even small vehicles with 2WD do that. In situations like this where the wheel traction is unable to accelerate the vehicle in a meaningful way the vehicle should be truly stuck, i.e. no velocity.

Hey @Unster

Thank you for this suggestion. I've forwarded it to the team!

I’ve never noticed that! I get often completely stuck with weak 2wd vehicles.

@adxalf Let me explain. I was talking about pure mud, without rocks, trees, steep slopes or holes in the ground. Those can indeed get you stuck. But mud by itself isn't able to get you stuck even if it's deep enough, but it should be able to. It would in real life.

Thanks, now I understand! I’ve just didn’t had such a situation.

@unster imo, the original mud back with release of Spintires was the best the game has had to date (you could actually get trucks stuck in mud alone). mud was not impossible, but if you did not take things seriously you could get all trucks stuck and had to restart the map. although at the time a lot of people thought the mud was too hard and wanted it easier. only to find the dev made it too easy then. ever since the mud has been cheese cake. i have been waiting to see the return of the original mud, i feel it will never return. everytime Pavel comments on changes/updates to the mud in the game i have asked if the difficultly has changed and as usual the common response is "it is better". now that hardly tells me if it was changed to be harder or easier. lol

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I did not play this game yet when it was just Spin Tires, but it sounds like that's exactly the kind of mud that I would love to see. I think the best thing the devs could do is provide such mud in hardcore mode. Keep the "easy" mud in casual mode for those who are not simulations fans like us.