Disable teammates in local play

Is there a way to disable having teammates in local play? Sometimes I just want to play/practice at my own pace and not have them moving ahead. Thanks for any help!

Hey @machinatica !
If you want to practice for a bit, it's actually possible to play on your own against AI.
That could come in quite handy if you want to play and evolve at your own pace for a while.

@raibi how? Local play always spawns you with a few AI bots on your side. there is no way to do it alone, unless I'm missing something.

Open up Game.ini, Add:


Also, use SoloEnemies to control the amount of OPFORs, under the same class:


Which can be used to train your reflexes

@stevefan1999 Thanks for this!

I am wondering if we can also, somehow, have friends connect to our IP and join us in game. I remember BF2 didn't originally support coop vs bots but you could force connect to the IP of the local machine and play along. this way you dont have to rent a server to play coop just with friends.

@snakelegionnaire The current state of Sandstorm didn't allow listening server's AFAIK. You unfortunately will have to consider Dedicated server. What's worst you cannot run DS and client game altogether due to a race condition in the Steam API