Re-Balance Precinct Firefight

Ok, this map needs major reworking. Anyone who says otherwise is trolling:

  1. Insurgents can reach and defend B sooner than Security with better positioning and choke points. Forcing Security to let Insurgents take B and defend A.

  2. Security A Windows POINTS DIRECTLY AT SECURITY SPAWN! Easy spot for spawn camping.

  3. Insurgents can camp Security B Entrance building which again, POINTS DIRECTLY AT SECURITY SPAWN! Another easy spot for spawn camping

  4. Main Street is too open from spawn to spawn. Too easy to cross-pick with ZERO COVER.

There may be more issues but these are the big ones that people take advantage of in every round.

Also, the fact that security has free access to insurgent side apps without any doors etc. Insurgents have to go through the door out on to the balcony to flank security position. This does help balance things with the current insurgency sided nature of the map, but I'd rather have it more balanced with better flanking opportunities from insurgent side.

Hey both!

Thank you for this feedback. I've already passed it on to the team!