With XBOX controller camera keeps going wild

So, using wired usb XBOX controller. It's not a continuous drift suggesting and issue with the controller at all. But when you start walking forward it will randomly bring the camera to a side view. Really annoying. Messes me up all the time in battles. I really don't think this is the controller - seems more like a software issue, but what do I know? if I don't touch the right stick and I just walk forward it will go forward for a little and then it pulls the camera around where I can see the character from the side but I can't see where he's going. Even if I keep constant pressure and movement on the stick it does this repeatedly but at no determinable frequency. Doesn't do it when I use mouse/keyboard, but I really would rather use controller for this game. Any ideas?

Hello @weslayyy2784,

Thank you for reporting this to us. I've forwarded this issue to the team!

Have a nice day!