core gameplay is great, but there are bugs and design problems that will kill this game long run

I love the flow and speed of insurgency gameplay, and this has been translated well into the new engine. But you guys made some big mistakes in development that need to be fixed to keep this game alive.

  1. This game needs votekick badly. You didn't put it in because it can be abused? Well, the fact that it doesn't exist can also be abused. The game has a toxicity problem, and it needs to be resolved so that we adults can enjoy.

  2. Push offense is impossible because more than half your team can have a 4x scope on their gun, and people want to play sniper ghost warrior. Remove the 4x option for everyone except snipers, MGs, and commanders. Hell, remove the 2x option for most classes.

  3. There are some game-breaking bugs. Dedicated servers currently have a bug that causes a hang in-between maps. Please put some TLC into the bugs.

That's all I've got, I'm enjoying the game, but please deal with the toxicity.

Hey @BanditRick!

Thanks for this feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the game. We're very aware of the toxicity issues and have been discussing the best solutions to it. Please keep an eye out for our shortly upcoming community update in which we will lay out the changes we're making and our goals on this topic.

As for balancing and the bug you mentioned, this is something we are actively working on. If you come across any other issues, please don't hesitate to report them to us, thanks!

@BanditRick, good feedback.

I think it's an idea worth considering to remove the 4x from more classes, though from my observation it's less so that many players are trying to be snipers, and more-so that they might be new players getting used to the learning curve and hesitant to push because they don't know how to deal with a choke point.

@Jellyfoosh, great to hear you are coming up with a plan for the unwarranted toxicity!

Biggest problem as I see it that this game has is map design. The restrictive and constrictive nature of the maps do not allow the freedom to move. This especially hurts the attackers where they are already at an extreme disadvantage.

That more than anything else in this game is going to hurt the game. I'm already to the point of raging about it when I play. It probably won't take me much longer to say eff the game, despite liking the core concept of the game.

Not sure that the core gameplay is where it should be... This game uses 5x more resources than the first one and it not as smooth at all with spikes here n there. I think working on the optimization should be primary focus in addition to undoing the bug this patch created (now my hands are always invisible when I take out my pistol or a nade (which the patch was supposed to fix....). Something one private hoster found beneficial was for the servers to restart every 4 hours which helped with the lag.