Insurgency has a problem with racists

One team during one match

literally insurgency dot png

Yes, that's three uses of the n-word in usernames on a single team.

I await your responses defending the usage of the n-word in the online video game entitled Insurgency.

Thank you.

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Where are all the cowards that say that you should just ignore it?

Watch the moderator come in and close it because this is too hostile, meanwhile "contributing members of the community" will defend racial slurs to the maximum extent possible. The justification for the last thread getting closed is because someone came in and used a racial slur. Quelle surprise.

Hey @CootageChees !
Thank you for adressing this issue. We're aware of this issue and take it very seriously, so we appreciate your feedback.
We are actively working on it. We will release a community update tackling this topic very soon.

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