I composed a ticket about 2 weeks ago about the issue on servers showing a black screen when loading into them in multiplayer in both casual PvP and AI enemies. Seems it didn't get through so I'll restate because this issue is game breaking. When loading into a casual PvP or AI enemy server, the screen will sometimes go black and stay black, causing a Alt-F4 restart to get back into the main menu. This is a server issue due to many of my friends showing the same issue with better computer systems than mine. This has been an issue for over a month now and is most likely due to lack of dedicated servers or official servers. Is anyone else showing this issue?

My specs:
Radeon Software Version - 18.12.3
Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2019
Graphics Chipset - Radeon RX 580 Series
Memory Size - 4096 MB
Memory Type - GDDR5
Core Clock - 1366 MHz
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
System Memory - 8 GB
CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz