I'd like to suggest reconsidering the idea of a vote to kick option.

Roughly 2 of every 10 games i play at least is full of spammers, yes this can be solved by muting, but you can't mute them in between rounds and that's when they do it the most, and each person you mute is potential intelligence lost.
So if you mute 4 players, that's 4 people you won't get call outs from.

Spammers, griefers, toxic behavior. Atm none can be dealt with completely. The only real solution right now is to play on a custom server where you don't get xp.

I understand vote to kick wasn't implemented because it can be taken advantage of. My response to that is, if i get kicked by people who are griefing or just being unpleasant in general with their behavior, why would i want to be in that game?

If someone wants to abuse it and kick you, why would you want to play with them anyway?

With that said, alot of the players i run into are mature and respectful and it's one of the things i really like about this game.

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Hey @Turyl!

We're aware of the issue and take it very seriously, so we appreciate your feedback.

We've been discussing the best ways to deal with toxicity such as this and will be communicating how we aim to tackle it in a community update very soon, so please keep an eye out for that!