confusing voices

I think it is a nice feature that you can choose between different voices from different cultural backgrounds but I think the military should only have clear western or american voices and the terrorits should stick to arabic or russian voices.

It is really confusing when you are playing as military and hear an arabic accent behind you and think it is an enemy but it is actually a teammate. This is really confusing at times.

And please dont be a sjw on this topic. It is a brutal and realistic game and this feature is not really improving the gameplay imho.

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The problem is that arabic voices realistically have their place on Security team.
It was a bit confusing for me too, when I played through my first games, but I can now differenciate Security from Insurgents quite well. Give it some time, you'll manage to sort it out eventually.

I agree, I dont watch chat and if I hear noise, voices of an enemy and the teammate doesnt use comms, I'm likely to shoot you....

In fact realistically most of the security team would definitely be locals (which is why it makes perfect sense that the default voice is not the "operator" which is the most yankee of them).

Security is not a military force (as evidenced by the mismash of gear [be it cosmetic or functional] people use) and it definitely is not any branch of US military. Military forces have issued gear and uniforms (edit: in fact since security is paramilitary [at least] they also should have common uniforms to be "legal combatants" under international law).

As for brutal realism, this only adds to it. It's a good thing.

Anyway communication is key, if the team doesn't communicate then it will be in trouble. Chatting in the middle of a fight can be kinda hard so voice coms FTW.

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Am I the only person that doesn't have an issue differentiating the voices?

The Security Regular voice sounds nothing alike compared against Operative and Rebel other than a middle eastern accent.

Tack on a considerable amount of completely different voice lines recorded, it pretty much boils down to this; If you blast a teammate because he's using an accented voice, you are both deaf AND blind. It's not like the sand colored plate carrier and the camouflage uniform is confusing against Insurgent clothing.

I've met more than four people in my life so yeah, this isn't a big deal. My main concern is the accent for the american security side sounds like they come from rural Pennsylvania or something and it really bothers me to hear everyone in this game having the same weird accent.

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I think its fine the way it is. Other peoples choices to look and sound the way they want shouldnt be based on another persons inability to control an itchy trigger finger.

@cootagechees they arent all american. Its a security force from that country meaning they are NOT “ALL” supposed to be AMERICAN, and therefore dont sound american which is why it makes sense to have that accent on both teams.

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