[BUGREPORT/Feedback] Heavy Carrier for Demolitions, AI skills balancing, RPG hit volume detection & more

[BUGREPORT/Feedback] Heavy Carrier for Demolitions, AI skills balancing, RPG hit volume detection & more

Hi there, first off: I love this game and how intense the combat is. I got almost 300 hours of playtime since the Beta now, 99% of the time I play Coop, not a big PvP fan in general. The immersion with all the great sound effects, voice chatter and visual details is just amazing! I really hope to see a new WW2 game like "Day of Infamy" on this current game engine/build someday!! 🙂

Loadouts/Carrier Limit
One thing I noticed is that you can no longer carry 4 HE rounds with the heavy carrrier kit and explosive launcher. I'm not sure if this change is on purpose, but I think its unfair and we used to have 4 rounds with the heavy kit.

Second, I noticed that when spawning in with the RPG-7 and heavy kit, you are able to pick up an extra rocket from the ammbox (so 1 loaded + 3 extra rockets total). So there is either a issue with the amount of rockets you load in or an issue with the max. total amount of rockets you are allowed to carry with the heavy carrier kit. IMO it should be either: 1/2 or 2/3 rockets (first number for light carrier and second number for heavy carrier).

I'm sure this has been brought up several times already but it can't be adressed enough, the quick-aiming-360°-no-scope AI is ridiculous.
Enemies have their backs toward you and manage to instantly turn on you and kill you with a single shot. It seems like the players location has no effect on the AI skills. E.g. the element of surprise plus positioning in well hidden cover should have an effect on how quickly AI reacts and how quickly they spot the player.
As marksman you get one-shot-killed by regular rifleman across the map, as they spot you instantly at any location and have no problem to hit you with the very first shots, even thougn they use ironsights on a long range engagement.
I have been hit by molotovs mid-sprint as the AI perfectly calculates the throw arc and the players position.

AI Xray vision
The AI vision can be pretty frustrating, sometimes they can spot and shoot you through thick smokes, other times they can't see you through the thinest layer of smoke. Often players dont even bother with putting up smoke anymore duo to this issue.
There is also a big problem with the AI being able to spot you through walls. I've been targeted by AI through walls quite a bit, especially technicals. And when I mean targeted I really mean it, that was NOT blindfire coming through walls. While being behind a solid wall I move left, the AI fire/tracers move left, I move right, so does the AI fire.
Some actual blindfire would be great when used by the AI, as in "I saw this player disappear behind this wall, so I'm just gonna put down some fire on these ~5m of cover".

AI spawn killing
The spawn killing is still an issue. The best solution would be to either give players spawn protection for a couple of seconds (god mode until the player has a chance to return fire or go to cover) or force AI to keep retreating (=not stop and return fire) until they are out of a certain zone around the player spawn area.

RPG hit volume detection for rockets
My friends and I constantly have issues with RPGs. The detection for the hit boxes/volumes is wrong, you keep blowing yourself up when firing it around buiding corners or aiming out of windows.

Reflecting Teamdamage
I see the good will here to try avoid teamkillers, but this feature punishes good players who take damage because of bad players who run in front of your line of fire, run into your flame grenades, or won't move away from explosives (e.g. after warning them that you are about to blow up a weapons cache). Please add a vote kick function and what I suggest: instead of enabling teamdamage reflection, turn off friendly fire for those specific players.

Vehicle mines not effective/working properly
A friend of mine and I both had the issue with placed vehicle mines (playing as Security Demolitions). In both cases the technical drove over the mine, triggered it, the mine blew up but the technical didn't explode (I can't say if the technical took damage at all or not).

Gasmask/Voice on full resupply
Doing a full resupply on ammoboxes (holding interaction key), you automatically unequip the gasmask, but your character voice still sounds like the mask is on. It would be nice to still have the gasmask on after the resupply, if its still part of the loadout.

Door kicking
The detection for door kicking is sometimes pretty inaccurate, e.g. I end up stabbing the door with my rifle so that the enemy then kicks the door in my face...
Also it happeneed to me that standing in the corner of a room, I ended up dying when the door was kicked open, even though there should've been enough space between the door and the corner.
In general I think its a bit exaggerated to kill people with doors, at max they should be stunned for a few seconds (play a nice "thrown to the ground" animation instead).

Floating guns (invisible hands)
There is a bug where the players hands will be invisible for the rest of the match (even after respawn). A friend told me it occurs when you get killed while switching weapons, but I'm not sure about it.

Match Preferences
Please add options to not join games thare are already close to the end (e.g. after OBJ D). It's really frustrating to keep joining matches thats already on the last objective.
Option to only search for games that aren't low on players is required too. There is also no point in making me rejoin the same match I just quit.

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I'm a bit disappointed that there hasn't been any response at all after all this time. By making the effort to register here just for the reason to give such a detailed report of all kind of bugs, I would atleast expect a dev to reply here.

Hello @Buzztr0n,

Sorry for the late response. We're happy that you enjoy the game, and we really appreciate your constructive feedback.
These issues have been forwarded to the team!

Have a nice day!

Thanks alot chaton, much appriciated. I saw the blog post about what updates to expect in the upcoming months and I can say, I'm excited to see those!


Hey @Buzztr0n,
Coming back to you with some news from the team regarding the gas mask. The gas mask being automatically unequipped is intentional for now. No worries !

I have experienced these same issues, but would like to elaborate.

1st: The bots
I feel like the frustration here is that the bots don't appear to have any of the restrictions that human players have.
They appear to be able to move and shoot simultaneously, when switching stance (prone, crouch, stand) they have no delay on firing, resulting in a flickering player model that's firing rounds!
The lack of spawn protection for human players is frustrating, and made more annoying by the fact that the bots get spawn protection!!
Throwables accuracy!?!? Sure, the bots generally stand dead still for an age before the throw, but the fact that they can see through walls, and have 100% accuracy with grenades is just insane. So, often you have no idea there's a bot nearby until a grenade hits you on the head.
Reaction time - Most of the time, in most of the games, the bot reaction time is reasonable. Sometimes they take a few seconds to hone in on you. However, it seems like one or two of the bots in some games get a 0ms reaction time. To put this in context, their player model is running, aiming and the ground, you die, then the gun comes up. To me, it looks like he/she should have shot the floor, not my face 20m away.
Hive mind / God-like hearing - The AI are able to pinpoint you anywhere on the map whenever you make a sound, including using a suppressed weapon. If you're a marksman, with a suppressed weapon, at over 200m and fire a single round into the head of 1 bot, the surrounding bots all lock onto your position, and if you don't drop them or get behind decent cover, you die.
Armor - There's probably been some discussion about this, but in counter-attacks, insurgents are wearing T-shirts, and running around with pistols, whilst I (and most Security) have heavy armor. The bot will "tank" a chest shot from an EBR, only to 1-shot you with a pistol. My feeling is that any high caliber weapon should take out an unarmored target with a single shot every time.
Before you refer to interpolation, sure you hit? etc. Yes, I know I hit the player, running in a straight line towards me. The bot even says "I've been shot".

2nd: Door Kicking
The radius of effect of door kicks is problematic. If you're on a floor above, or behind a wall away from the door, it still shakes your vision and your player reacts. Like the OP says, I've died a few times by door breach on a door that I should have knocked down (or opened) a few seconds earlier. I've mentioned the "F" range bug in an earlier post.

3rd: Team Damage
This is a P.I.T.A. This is hard to address because there are honest mistakes, and there are trolls, and it's basically impossible to differentiate them in code. 3 issues here that can be addressed:

  • Doubled effect - Each individual bullet (maybe fire event too, can't recall) spams the chat log with 2 entries, assuming this means the server is firing the Team Damage effect twice?
  • Molotov's/Incendiary's - I frequently have the visual bug where I can't see the fire, but can hear it, and this is happening to other players as well. After initial damage, there should be no further effect on victim or perpetrator.
  • Fire support team damage - Seriously? Why does this reflect on the commander? (Especially the helicopters) On numerous occasions I've seen players run into the AOE for fire support despite multiple comm's and the obvious smoke.
    And then there's the gunship that often damages teammates that are on objective, when it attacks the bots on the other side of the wall.

I would not add a vote kick function, I would add a team damage report function. I see this as part of the scoreboard function. It'll only be available for players that have damaged teammates, and would have an event based list.
For example, Bob fires a rocket into a group of players, damages teammates Fred, Jo and Bill. Any player on their team can then click on Bob's name, select "Team Damage Report", See "RPG damage to Fred, Jo and Bill", and choose either "Accidental" or "Malicious" (or words to that effect). After 30 seconds from the time of the damage, the results are calculated. Less than 50% Malicious - Team Damage ignored/removed from log. 50% - 75% - Team damage stands with warning. 80%+ kicked from server with report of players (victims and attacker). You might ask why include the victims, the only reason here is groups of trolls. It's rare but it does happen, where 3 or 4 players will deliberately run into your fire, or across your M249 line.

Molotov insta-kill
This is probably my pet peeve in the game at present. If you are anywhere in the "blast range" of a molotov, you die instantly. On Farmhouse, I regularly see a molotov fly through smoke take out 2 or 3 people on the final objective. This happens 'cos the bots call in explosive mortars, and if you're on the top floor, you'll be lucky to survive, even if lying down.
My biggest WTF moment was when I was full health (just respawned), made my way to Foxtrot (on Farmhouse Security) and as I was going up the stairs, a bot threw a molotov diagonally through the hole in the wall. The molotov went over my head and struck the wall in-front of me, and I died. The bot made no sound, and I only saw the molotov for a fraction of a second as it travelled ~2m into the building. This issue reminds me of the RPG issue from the older (mid?) Insurgency, where bots spammed spawn areas with rockets, often killing 4+.

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I'd like to see points allocated to carrying 40mm grenades, as you can with thrown grenades, so if you don't want to carry an RPG, you can carry more grenade rounds instead. Just 2 with a heavy carrier is pretty anemic. What am I even doing with that empty rucksack?