What do you think of the following 2 suggestions to counter-balance the OP effect of calling in choppers for the Security side:

  1. Allow smoke to be an effective cover from chopper fire. A decently led Security team can use each of the Heli calls as a 'nuclear option' to take an objective, without an effective way for Insurgents to counter. Smoke cover could be a tactical response that would allow some Insurgents to get where they need to go.

  2. It's neat that the explosive drones can in theory go through windows to clear out a room, but let's be real - this rarely works, and often the drone is hovering or circling the window or door giving Security ample time to shoot it down or clear out the room. What if the drone was player guided, with the commander or observer using a mini-screen to control the drone for 30-45 seconds. This would not only make the drone more accurate, but also provide incentive for the commander/observer to protect one another during the call.