Game Breaking Glitch in Sewer Skal Territory

So I am in the quest “Give a dog a bad name” & I talked to everyone, Old Bridget tells me she is locking one entrance & opening another. The problem is I opened the gate at the back where the shortcut is already before talking to her.

So now, that entrance I opened has been locked again & I can’t open it. And I can’t leave the way I came either because it’s locked. I’ve tried sleeping, exiting to main menu & reloading, nothing works.

I am literally stuck in the Skal territory with no hope of leaving now. I’m playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Help? What can I do? Am I missing something here? If this game had fast travel this problem wouldn’t exist.


Hello @Shoryyuken,

Thank you for this report. I've passed it on to the team.