Shooting Range

Can we get a shooting range for us to test out different combinations of attachments and weapons (maybe even grenade throws)?
this does not even need to be a dedicated map. just toss us into any map with the option to switch kits on the spot and that's it.

Off topic
Any plans to release modding tools? I know there are some talented people out there that can put out some amazing content and they have no way of doing it now.

I would love to see a shooting range! With some moving targets maybe and some more creative targets like bottles and melons lol

Yes! I even created a similar thread suggesting this feature! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

A shooting range would be nice, but the main related feature I would like to see is the option to make Loadouts without having to join a versus or coop match. I guess its currently the way it is because otherwise the "Loadout Creator" can not make a difference between normal and competitive. But I would really love to see a simple shooting range in which players could also create Loadouts freely and do some basic testing on how the loadout behaves.

Maybe have two interaction points on the shooting range in which one will open a loadout manager for normal matches and another one for competitive matches.

@mefirst This is really needed. Id also like to be able to delete saved loadouts... and edit their names.