scope downgrade

am i the only one who noticed that some of the scopes have been downgraded since the beta. heres the acog as example from the beta and after release(top one is from the beta and the bottom is after release. the release one was taken at ultra settings at 1080p. the beta one, i don't remember):
0_1546918356448_Capture2.PNG 0_1546918361535_20190107190414_1.jpg

To me it seems like the beta scope is not picture-in-picture while the in-game model you have is. If that's your problem, you can always swap back to the "normal" scope setting in the video settings. As for the black ring that I imagine you're specifically complaining about, that's pretty realistic considering if your eye is not the exact right distance from the rear lens of the scope you're going to get that tunneling effect. It's realistic, especially because the distance the tunnel is created at on the ACOG is something like 1.3-1.7 inches of eye relief which is incredibly unforgiving.

I think he's talking about the shadow surrounding the reticle.
It's there for realism. it's not a downgrade, it's actually an upgrade. Then again, I find that "normal" mode makes scopes way easier to use. It also doesn't tax fps as much as "pip" mode, so... yeah. I made my choice.