[Bug] Server locked in competitive; can't play because we have to rejoin broken match

I was in a match (2e8d489a-d386-4914-a99c-2c4e3daa5cb2) in competitive. Half way through the match, 4 opponents disconnected. At the end of the 4th round (5v1 at the time), we saw the "Victory" screen and the game did not progress into the 5th round.

Everyone sat in the server for several minutes until it was obvious we wouldn't be able to play anymore. Now, when I try to join a comp match, I'm unable to play as it rejoins the existing broken match.

I seemed to have worked around the issue by having a friend invite me to a party and having him start a game, however, my client still shows that a competitive game is in progress. This is a pretty bad corner for someone to get stuck in. Please set matches to expire after a certain window or something.