Console Force Feedback Discussion

Hey everyone,

I noticed a huge lack of information for us console users as far as force feedback for our officially supported wheels. I have posted a few times in separate threads but I believe it would be best for us to aggregate our experiences and discussion in one place.

Please keep it polite and pertinent to the issue at hand. Maybe for those of us who are concerned enough to take the time and proper steps to discuss this in a productive manner, we can finally get some answers.

Please begin or join some discussion on the /r/Mudrunner or /r/Spintires subreddits on Reddit as well. Visibility is always a big help.

Also it would be helpful to include as much information as possible, such as your experiences with the FFB as far as having no input, centering force or actual fully working force feedback as well as the hardware you are attempting to use.

Thank you

Keep your wheels between the ditches and the mud out of your britches (or at least keep the rubber side down).


I am using a Thrustmaster T300, T3PA Pro pedals and a TH8A shifter on PS4. I am only experiencing a centering force and no force feedback. My shifter works well, I have had no issues with it. I have tried the "turn the wheel lock to lock in the menus" and disconnecting and re-connecting the USB during game play. I have had no luck and have never felt any sort of feedback other than the centering force.

Feel free to check my post history as well for any discussion that occurs outside of this thread.

I have a T150 wheel but otherwise the same setup, except I'm on a PC. Have you updated the wheel driver and checked the Thrustmaster software settings? I know there's a setting where you can choose between the wheel auto-centering and the game actually providing FFB. So check that.

On the PC, FFB is also dead unless you unplug and re-plug the wheel in the controls menu (let it detect the disconnect before re-plugging). I don't know if the console wheel issues extend beyond that.

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As far as software settings, they can only be adjusted on pc and don't carry over to console. Everything is fine on my end. Project Cars, Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa etc.. All run perfectly fine. This is a software issue on the developers end. Thanks for your help though! Very appreciated.

And I'm glad to hear you have FFB. I hope you're enjoying it, my friend.

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@torotoker So disconnecting the USB cable in the controls menu like I mentioned above doesn't work on the console?

No sir. Neither that or the "lock to lock" work. Console users have just been forgotten. For example, on PS4 there isn't even a force feedback menu or option. The only choice I have is to click "use as primary input" and "manual gearbox with clutch" where it says "Steering wheel devices: Available".

Apparently Xbox users have some kind of force feedback settings available to them in the menus but it still doesn't work for them either as far as I have heard.

I am going to include some of the discussion from another thread just for the sake of visibility as many users will not find both threads. Again though, please check my post history for more information.


I'm trying to gather information but there just isn't anything available for us console users. I bought the game with the intent to play using force feedback. The game is still great fun, but its not what I paid for. I would have no means of recourse as I purchased through PSN, even if I did feel I deserved a refund as the product I received is not what was being advertised.

Again, I'm not here to nitpick and fight. I just don't understand the lack of communication concerning this issue. The product we console users received was a lesser product. I'm not complaining abouts mods or anything not related to what was advertised at the point of sale. No one would be happy in any circumstance to receive a product that was incomplete or not as promised, whether it were a pizza that arrived without sauce, a car without cruise control or an off road game without force feedback.

For me it is as much of a moral issue as it is a consumer issue. People should be good to each other in all circumstances and I truly feel that the lack of communication and short one sentence answers being afforded to us right now, is a bit disrespectful on a person to person level. Please have an active discourse with us, it would be so appreciated.

Thank you

The reply I received was from Community Manager "Chaton".

It reads:

"Hello everyone,

Regarding the issue of the force feedback on consoles, I've already passed it along to the team. I'll be back if I have more details."

My reply:

Please come back and discuss with us regardless of the details. I think a lot of us feel like no one cares and we aren't important enough at this point. Put yourselves in our shoes. We just want to play what was created for us. We need more transparency. Please, there is nothing more I can do to help myself.

Also, I would like to ask if when you say you have "already passed it on" do you mean recently or this information was passed on over a year ago? I have no idea how to take that statement. Can someone please come and discuss this issue with us? We console users are being punished for supporting Mudrunner. Someone within the company must see this and feel some kind of empathy. Does anyone truly care?

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the proper direction as far as who should be contacted and perhaps how they can be reached? I have tried to find some contact information for Saber Interactive but the phone number has led me nowhere so far. I called 1-877-681-3973 and spoke to a person named "Shiv", explained my situation and was told they would transfer me to "Jason". I was then just left on the line. All we need is a few good people who are committed enough to gaining traction with this issue.

Any other users who are also dealing with this, please provide any contact details or information you may have received by contacting them yourself.

I can't just fade into the background. I realize that I will likely never get anywhere with all of this but I cannot just sit back and wait for something that will never come. Its simply not fair.

So after speaking to "Jason", I was told that the company I am contacting is "MedData" out of Texas. I am using the number provided at

I have no idea where to turn but I will not give up until there is some kind of meaningful discussion.

@unster I just tried again. Started a challenge with the wheel, paused, went to "controls", left the "use as primary input" selected, unplugged the USB, waited for "Steering wheel devices: Available" to go away then re-connected usb and re-selected the wheel as primary input and nothing worked.

I realise I'm super wordy but its because I'm trying to really be specific with my information. Thanks very much for your contribution.

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No problem, and sorry to hear the solution doesn't work on consoles. It's good that you are raising the issue, though you may want to tone down the # of posts.

I can only add that the PC version of this game is way better, and the main reason is the mods. The large selection of additional trucks & maps has greatly extended my enjoyment of this game. So if you're a fan of this game and have a capable PC, I'd highly recommend getting it on PC.

I appreciate that but I'm only able to play on console at the time. Also, even if I personally never played the game again, its not fair to everyone who comes after me. I would like to get some answers for everyone who deserves them.

As far as the number of posts, that was basically all that I have to post for now. I wanted to consolidate all information. Frankly, if I have to make a post every day to get some kind of light shone on this issue, I will. I really wish other users would jump on this train and not give up after one post. There must be other people who are tired of this and are willing to put in a bit of effort and time. At least, I hope there are.

Thanks again Unster!

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@torotoker said in Console Force Feedback Discussion:

Frankly, if I have to make a post every day to get some kind of light shone on this issue, I will.

My point was, that posting a lot about it most likely won't help. I started a topic months ago about the horrible behavior of the automatic transmission, how it needlessly downshifts to 1st gear every time. Even many other users joined the discussion and were supportive, but we NEVER heard from the devs or anyone from the company. I finally gave up and bought the manual shifter, which has been great, but I'm just saying, have low expectations for a company response.

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Sorry if I sounded argumentative, I just meant that nothing ever changes without effort. Even if nothing will change with my effort.

I bought this game based on the information provided which stated that my wheel would work on my console if I purchased the game. It does not work. It was an outright lie by the publishers. That is not in any way acceptable and frankly I'm amazed at how little they seem to care about the issues.

I really appreicate your continued interest in this thread. It is people like you who make these communities a helpful place.