Please fix the completely broken bots, terrible game design decisions, other problems.

It's a tactical shooter which aims for a decent level of realism, of course it needs to have friendly fire. Team-killing is a separate problem, the damage reflect tries to address it but IMO does it poorly.

Right now I think mainly the godlike grenade accuracy and spawning to cleared buildings are the main problems with bots. Bots walking through fire at times is also a problem but they do not do it unharmed (I've seen them do it and they clearly do take damage from it). It's just that fire is super-scary and while people might rush to burning buildings to try to save loved ones, rushing through fire jus to try kill someone you can also try to kill 30s later is way less likely to happen.

As for mortars killing you "in cover" considering the "cover" we get is tin roofed mud huts in general it offers way more safety against explosions and shrapnel than would actually be realistic.

Smoke is more than a bit problematic with bots in general since it would be incredibly expensive computationally to render the game from each bots perspective and then run some computer vision to try and find human shapes (also exact rendering settings will affect how smoke works for you), so they have to take shortcuts based on the smoke source position, source intensity, bot position etc and in some cases it leads to bots "seeing" through smoke that (some, most?) players can't and vice versa.

bots could be fixed pretty easily.

  • make them spawn far from players, in small fire teams, and have them move in from there
  • drop their accuracy, but increase their firing to increase suppression
  • make their grenade/explosive accuracy reduced to reasonable levels
  • have bots take longer term debuffs from suppression and having teammates killed
  • keep the bots in smaller groups that work together, with a mechanic to split and run if players are routing them

this would solve most of the problems, and make the game more challenging as a tactical shooter, and reduce the random punishment difficulty that makes coop so frustrating.

this game is 75% of the way to being awesome as a coop shooter, if we just had bots that made the game fun and challenging instead of glitchy and making me rage quit for days at a time.

The bots need a lot of fixing atm. Hopefully NWI will come up for a solution.
What NWI also needs to address is indeed those smaller bugs you mentioned like the RPG exploding on non-existing surfaces.
What I can't stand right now is the damage system. The old Insurgency damage system needs to come back where guns are lethal.

After all this is done, new maps and perhaps even game modes would be nice, but the bugs mentioned above needs to be fixed ASAP, because indeed it's just not fun to play coop.
I'd also like to add a lot more realism and a way to slow down players who are rushing the objective. Then again a real damage system would probably fix this issue.