New changes to editor screwed up the cache folder again

I just noticed that there was a change to the MR editor and now many of my models are screwed up again as well as my maps, which never had errors before, because the MR editor is sharing the same cache folder as the ST editor again.

So if anyone is still using the ST editor and goes to use the MR editor, there will be conflicts because both editors are sharing the same cache folder again.

I just went into the editor to set up some models and I'm getting errors again.

Please fix this ASAP.


This is the error message I'm getting when loading my maps that didn't have problems before.
alt text

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Hey @Tattoo,

Thank you for this report. I've already forwarded this issue to the team. They're investigating!

Is this issue ever gonna be resolved or what? I posted about this back in January and today, May 21st, the Mudrunner editor still uses the Spintires cache folder. Now that Spintires is being updated, I'm using the Spintires editor more and every time I do, I have to remove the Mudrunner files so they don't give errors with the Spintires files. This is ridiculous and I shouldn't have to jump thru hoops because Pavel is pissed off at Oovee. Pavel is taking this out on us users now by doing this after it was fixed a while back. I don't know why but it was changed back to the old Spintires editor cache folder and now I'm getting errors again and have to physically remove the MR cache files so I don't get errors when using the spintires editor.

Please remedy this ASAP because I shouldn't have to do this BS when it has been reported 4 months ago. This should have been fixed already but seems to have fallen on deaf ears, again.

Thank you