FFS fix the damn REPLAYS already! Out of all the matches I played today just ONE was available for me in the History section.. I would really love to show you how shit the hit reg currently still is and lots of other crap that’s still plaguing this game but it’s pretty damn tough to do if you won’t let me re-watch my matches. Maybe this is on purpose are you guys done with hearing how the games still very broken? Don’t get me wrong I love this game I play it almost every day but fuck me how do I go from killing a guy through 2 feet of concrete with an AKM to not being able to kill a person because of a wooden skid? A small shitty wooden pallet. From 5 feet away. Then people just taking 5+ bullets from AKM seeing blood and it not affecting them at all. Like attt alllll.. Once again I would have proof I saw it with my own eyes it happens often enough yet I can’t prove it because I would say on any given day only 1-2 matches out of many more are available for me to re-watch. End rant thanks for your time even though it would seem as if you guys aren’t even reading this stuff anymore? Not sure who knows for sure. It’s become eerily quiet on your guys’ end..

I don't know what game mode you play, but the hitreg isn't acceptable to me for PvP. I stick to co-op.